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The entries on this annotated, structured list of rocks all are items and blocks in Minecraft that:

  1. bear a resemblance to real-world rocks,
  2. share a name with real-world rocks, or
  3. are fictitious but fulfill a similar role to rocks.

A few fictitious blocks are included in this list; namely, blackstone, deepslate, end stone, glowstone, netherrack, and redstone. Their actual nature is up to the player's imagination.

The first list here approaches the items as game elements, intended to be useful. The second iteration of this list provides real-world geologic analogies.

List of rocks as game elements[]

Regional rocks[]

These make up the majority of the ground where they're found.

  • Basalt – columnar basalt found making up the basalt delta biomes of the Nether
  • Bedrock – the unbreakable layer of rock that limits mining below the deepslate layer; also sandwiches the Nether; unobtainable in survival
  • Deepslate – the dark gray rock that makes up the deepest mineable layer of the Overworld, below Y=0; useful for crafting
  • End Stone – a hard, pale yellow material that makes up all the islands of the End
  • Netherrack – a soft, red material that makes up most of the Nether
  • Sandstone – a light-colored rock found below almost any sand deposit
  • Stone – the gray rock that makes up the bulk of the Overworld above Y=−7
  • Terracotta – a stone found in colorful, exposed layers in the mesa; craftable by cooking clay in a furnace

Decorator rocks[]

These generate as part of world decorators. Decorators are a kind of terrain feature.

  • Andesite – a light-colored rock found in solitary underground blobs
  • Blackstone – a material only found in large blobs in the Nether's basalt deltas; useful for crafting
  • Deepslate – a dark gray rock sometimes found in blobs close to the deepslate layer
  • Diorite – a light-colored rock, similar in color to andesite but coarser-looking; found in solitary underground blobs
  • Granite – a pinkish rock found in solitary underground blobs
  • Tuff – a brownish rock commonly found in solitary underground blobs within the deepslate layer
  • Calcite - a white rock that decorates Mountains in blobs
Coal and Lapis Lazuli are rocks in their own right.

Structure rocks[]

These rocks can be found in generated structures.

Other rocks[]

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