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The entries on this annotated, structured list of rocks all are items and blocks in Minecraft that:

  1. bear a resemblance to real-world rocks,
  2. share a name with real-world rocks, or
  3. are fictitious but fulfill a similar role to rocks.

A few fictitious blocks are included in this list; namely, blackstone, deepslate, end stone, glowstone, netherrack, and redstone. Their actual nature is up to the player's imagination. These blocks are marked in the list with an asterisk(*) before their name.

Rocks in the Overworld[]

  • Amethyst geode – a large, round, hollow pocket found underground with crystals growing from its walls
  • Andesite – a lightly colored volcanic rock, made of very tiny crystals; found in solitary blobs
  • Bedrock – an unbreakable layer of rock that limits mining past the deepslate layer
  • Cobblestone – a block of cobbles that drops from stone; found naturally where flowing water meets flowing lava; useful for crafting
  • Coal – remains of ancient life that were buried and turned into carbon; used for Torches and Furnace fuel
  • *Deepslate – a dark gray, horizontally layered rock that makes up the deep dark layer of the Overworld, below Y=0; useful for crafting
  • Dripstone – a rock that dripstone caves occur in
  • Diorite – a lightly colored igneous rock, made of coarse crystals; found in solitary blobs
  • Flint – a sharp, flakey rock that drops from gravel
  • Granite – a pinkish igneous rock, made of coarse crystals; found in solitary blobs
  • Lapis Lazuli – a rich blue rock useful as a pigment
  • Obsidian – a superhard black volcanic glass; found naturally where lava is flash-cooled by water
  • *Redstone – a material that can carry signals and activate moving parts
  • Sandstonesand turned rock, found at the bottom of almost all sand deposits
  • Smooth Basalt – a dark colored volcanic rock made of very tiny crystals; found encasing amethyst geodes
  • Stone – the gray rock that makes up the bulk of the Overworld above Y=−7
  • Terracotta – clay turned into stone, found in colorful layers in the mesa
  • Tuff – volcanic ash turned stone; common in deepslate

Rocks in other dimensions[]

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