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Raw Rabbit is a food item that replenishes FoodbariconHalffoodbaricon (1.5 shanks) of hunger.


Raw rabbit can only be obtained by killing a Rabbit. 0–1 pieces of meat are dropped from a rabbit each time one is killed. 


Raw rabbit can be cooked in a Furnace, Smoker or Campfire, turning it into Cooked Rabbit. It is recommended to cook raw rabbit as cooked rabbit can replenish more hunger than raw rabbit. Cooked rabbit in turn is used to craft Rabbit Stew, which establish almost as many hunger points as Cake. Raw rabbit is used to breed and heal tamed Wolves. Butcher Villagers have a chance to buy raw rabbit in exchange for an Emerald.


  • The amount of raw rabbit that is dropped is unaffected by the looting enchantment.
  • Despite chickens being physically larger than rabbits in-game, raw rabbit grants a player more hunger points than raw chicken. This could be because of their real-world nutritional values.
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