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A ravager (formerly known as an illager beast) is a hostile mob that joins other pillagers in raids


A ravager will destroy crops in villages (leaves, snow, and many other plants and decoration in Bedrock Edition), as it raids a village with pillagers. Players can prevent ravagers from destroying crops by entering the following command: /gamerule mobgriefing false.

Ravagers spawn in waves 3, 5 and 7 of a village raid, sometimes with pillagers riding them. A ravager can drop a saddle when killed.

Ravagers have 100 health, and will try to damage anything in their path. They are hostile to players, villagers, iron golems, and wandering traders. They also deal knockback damage upon impact, but it will be halved if the player uses a shield.


Ravagers are extremely durable mobs, so it's a bad idea to attack this beast head on. One strategy for fighting them is by using any ranged weapon such as a bow (it is recommended for it to have the infinity enchantment as ravagers have massive health). Another way of fighting them is to be accompanied by iron golems; let the golems tank the damage while you attack the ravagers from behind. A rare but lethal tactic is using lava, which damages them while also making them immobile. You can also try to use a bucket of water to push one back if it gets too close. You could also use flint and steel to set one on fire, but it is not recommended, as you'd have to get very close to the mob and there might be something flammable nearby. (This is especially dangerous to use in raids in a village).


  • To some, the ravagers may be referred to as a boss mob.
  • Other than fishing, generated chests, or trading with villagers, killing a ravager is one of the only ways to obtain a saddle.
  • In Java Edition, Ravagers can't break pumpkins and melons when they are already grown into a solid block. This does not apply to Bedrock Edition.
  • The ravager must be hit a few times in order to knock it back.
  • An early ravager design shows it as a Pillager or Illager hunched over and spread out, much like a spider.
  • Ravagers will stick out their heads when they do their headbutt attack, much like how a piston extends.
  • Ravengers will not be able to cut across magma blocks or through sweet berry bushes, bamboo, and many other plants, acting as a defense. However, this is only effective in Java Edition, as nearly all crops, plants and food is destroyed in Bedrock Edition except for nether wart.
  • A Ravager will get temporarily stunned if it charges a player who is blocking with a shield. After it recovers from the stun, it will do its roar attack which damages anything in its area.
  • In earlier versions, there was a strange feature to the Ravager that it was actually scared of rabbits.



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