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This page describes content that exists only in outdated versions of Java Edition. 
This feature used to be in the game but has since been removed.
Health points

20♥ × 10




Any world type (0.31 only)

Rana was a passive mob that existed for the majority of Java Edition Indev 0.31.


Rana spawned randomly in the world in groups with other Ranas. They could spawn at any light level as long as there was enough space.


Rana was a passive mob. It had no animation, so it aimlessly glided and jumped around the world in the same, still pose, and never stopped moving around. Rana, along with Beast Boy, Steve, and Black Steve acted in this identical manner. Depending on the version, upon death, Rana would not fall over to the ground or flash red or white and appear to die, as most mobs do. It would just disappear shortly thereafter, and drop no items or the items it was designated to drop.

Data values[]


NameSavegame IDNumeric ID


Java Edition Indev
December 19, 2009Rana is shown in a screenshot posted by Notch.
0.3120091223-1Rana.png Added Rana.
20091231-1Rana is now shown in the inventory screen as a placeholder model.
20100113Rana is no longer the player model in the inventory.
20100129Rana has been removed from the game.
The Mob ID is now given to Black Steve and Steve, who replaced Rana.


  • Rana was created by Dock for a project of his own years ago. When he joined the Minecraft development team, he recreated her in a new style for the game as a test. She was never intended to be a permanent addition. [citation needed]
  • Rana means "frog" in Latin, and, through linguistic evolution, Spanish and Italian.
  • Rana is actually the name of a genus including 50 to 100 extant species of frogs, commonly known as Holarctic true frogs, pond frogs, or brown frogs.



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