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Quick Charge is an enchantment for quickly reloading a crossbow.


Quick Charge I and Quick Charge II can be acquired using an enchanting table and by fishing. It can also be found in loot chests of dungeons and loot chests of library rooms in strongholds. Quick Charge III can be acquired through an anvil by merging two crossbows/books that both have Quick Charge II on them. Quick Charge III can be acquired by trading with a librarian villager, or by finding it in a chest in an abandoned mineshaft or desert pyramid.


Quick Charge reduces the time to load a crossbow with either an arrow or a firework rocket. The regular loading time is 1.25 seconds, and each enchantment level decreases the loading time by 0.25 seconds, making Quick Charge III result in a crossbow that requires just 0.5 seconds to load.

If commands are used to increase the enchantment level to level 5,‌[Java Edition only] the crossbow loads instantly when used. Beyond level 5 the crossbow does not load at all.

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key
Quick Chargequick_chargeenchantment.minecraft.quick_charge

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key
Quick Chargequick_charge35enchantment.crossbowQuickCharge


Java Edition
1.1418w43aAdded the Quick Charge enchantment.
Bedrock Edition
1.8.0beta the Quick Charge enchantment.


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  • Quick Charge if granted in a crossbow through command with the level higher than V (VI and above) make the charge time of the crossbow become a negative value. When charging, the value decreases continuously until it extends over the INT_MIN limit and return back to the original value. Because of that, it would take approximately 69.4 years in real life to charge a Quick Charge VI crossbow.