For other kinds of fish that can be found in Minecraft, see Fish (Disambiguation).

A pufferfish is a type of Fish mob. It is easy to catch with a Fishing Rod in large bodies of Water, can be obtained in Creative mode, and can be obtained from Guardians and Elder Guardians.

When eaten, the pufferfish replenishes half a Hunger point. However, it will give a player Nausea and Hunger III for 15 seconds, as well as Poison IV for 1 full minute. As consuming pufferfish evidently brings more harm than good, it is not an optimal source of Food.

Fisherman Villagers will buy a pufferfish in exchange for an Emerald.


Pufferfish can be used to brew the Water Breathing Potion, which grants a player the ability to breathe underwater for a limited time.


  • The pufferfish is the only type of fish that can not be used to tame Ocelots.
  • The poisonous effect inflicted by eating the pufferfish is based on the fact that real pufferfish contain the deadly neurotoxin ,Tetrodotoxin (, in their bodies. Unlike its real-life counterpart, the pufferfish cannot currently be cooked to nullify its poisonous side effects.
  • The pufferfish is the only item in the game that a player can use to obtain the nausea effect.
  • In 1.13, pufferfish will be seen in the water.
  • In 1.13, when a pufferfish blows up and a player touches it, they will get the poison effect.
  • Fisherman Villagers will buy a pufferfish for an Emerald.
  • The original texture of the pufferfish did not have spines on its skin.