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Podzol is a block that was added to Minecraft Java Edition 1.7 update and Pocket Edition 0.9.0. It has a similar look to standard grass, but the top texture appears as it is covered with dead leaves; however, it doesn't spread to adjacent blocks like its grass counterpart. If it is mined without a Silk Touch tool, it will turn into regular dirt. This unique block is one of two blocks, the other being mycelium, that allows a player to place and cultivate mushrooms at any light level. It can be found in the bamboo jungle biome or the mega taiga biome.


  • Dead bushes can be placed on podzol, but not on grass or normal dirt. This is not true in the Bedrock Edition.
  • Mushrooms can only be placed on podzol as well.
  • Before the 1.14 update, podzol could only be found in the mega taiga biome.
  • Unlike mycelium and grass, podzol makes the dirt sound when broken, walked on or placed.
  • Wandering traders will sell podzol in exchange for emeralds.



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