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v0.9.2 alpha was released mainly to fix improve performance and fix some of the bugs and crashes in v0.9.1 alpha on iOS and Android. For iOS devices, this version includes changes from 0.9.1.


  • Added villager sounds to iOS.
  • Added 8 new splashes.


  • Increased the health of all mobs to PC values
  • The game spawns way less mobs, and despawns older hostile mobs
  • Mycelium spreads correctly
  • Updated Mojang Logo
  • Creepers now have a correct explosion range
  • Spiders no longer draw a line of sight through solid blocks
  • Strongholds are more common
  • Reduced lag and RAM consumption
  • Older Devices get a warning when trying to create an infinite world
  • Monster spawners now work better and have less lag
  • Option to limit the world's size (supported low-end devices only)
  • The world selection menu lists the storage size of worlds in the format "x.xx MB" instead of "x+exx MB"
    • For example, a world with a storage size of 23.45 MB would have had it displayed as "2+e01 MB" prior to this version
  • Changed app logo back to 0.7.6 design (without the big white overlay) (only observed on iOS)


6 bugs fixed

  • Fixed generating chunks when a stronghold has been found
  • Fixed rainbow grass in deserts and savannas
  • Fixed creepers' detonation time
  • Bugs in mobs and textures
  • Fixed block-break circle size (iOS)
  • Crashes in chunks rendering