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v0.9.0 alpha build 9 (RC1) is the ninth build version and first release candidate for v0.9.0.



  • Mob spawners now emit light
  • Creepers and Skeletons now use the old AI again
  • Tame and sit interact button for wolves
  • Crafting screen no longer switches to the next recipe when you can't make the current one


13 bugs fixed
  • Crash with wolves
  • Crash when removing blocks under rails
  • Blocks placed where player was standing
  • Wrong spawn location
  • Entities are now more reliably saved
  • Crafting of unlimited number items
  • Missing smooth lighting on top snow and carpets
  • Wolfs moving around while sitting
  • Offspring was untamed in certain cases
  • Creepers floating above the ground
  • Wrong collar color on wolves
  • The interact button is now only "pressed" when released
  • Black borders on particles when destroying torches

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