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v0.9.0 alpha build 8 is the eighth build version released for v0.9.0.



  • Faster texture loading (should not get stuck anymore)
  • The developers no longer write the player tag to level.dat
  • Enderman damage is now the same as PC


11 bugs fixed
  • Fixed two crashes in furnaces
  • Fixed an infinite loop (the game would hang) when loading a world with a fully empty column
  • The player can now interact with all blocks again
  • Grass now correctly spreads to dirt blocks again
  • Immersive mode should now work correctly
  • Fixed wolves not remembering their sit state
  • Leaves don't turn to wood anymore
  • Furnaces now show the progress bar when moving items again
  • Now using the correct spawn location for old worlds
  • Mobs don't run at you anymore in Creative
  • Zombies and spiders now use the new AI

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