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v0.9.0 alpha build 4 is the fourth build version released for v0.9.0.




16 bugs fixed
  • "Saving" bug has been fixed
  • Fixed item in hand bug
  • Fixed shadow of entities
  • Fixed trap doors and smooth shading
  • Fixed rendering issues with lily pads
  • Sand will no longer fall through signs and cobwebs
  • Top of doors should now play the opening sound
  • End Portal frame is now added to creative menu
  • Removed one of the duplicate iron bar recipes
  • Fixed recipes for mushroom soup and pumpkin pie
  • Grass and leaves are now rendered underwater
  • Villages are now placed more sparsely (the old ones should disappear when creating a new world)
  • You can now feed wolves correctly
  • Added nicer destroy particles to blocks
  • Giant mushrooms should drop mushrooms now (instead of Giant Mushroom blocks)
  • Top slab should not cause rendering issues anymore

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