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v0.9.0 alpha

Pocket Edition

Release date

July 10, 2014

Development versions
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Other instances
of 0.9.0
For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 0.9, see Bedrock Edition guides/0.9 releases.

v0.9.0 alpha is a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on July 10, 2014. It added new blocks, mobs, generated structures, infinite worlds as well as other features, changes, and fixes.



  • Version exclusive: New interact button just above the hotbar.
    • Ignite button for creepers, shear button for sheep, milk button for cows, and tame button to tame animals.
  • Version exclusive: 512-block (32 chunks) view distance (certain supported devices only)
  • Advanced World Options:
    • Option to select the world's type
      • Version exclusive: Old
        • 256×256
      • Superflat (Flat in-game on create world screen)
        • All superflat worlds are infinite and by default generates with the Classic Superflat and can only be changed by editing the options.txt file.[1]
      • Infinite
        • Not recommended for low-supported devices (iOS 5.x and below).
        • Reliable playing size is 65,536×65,536 (+32,767 to -32,767)
        • After going pass ±32,767, the world renders incorrectly and gradually starts to become unplayable.[2] The "jitteriness" gradually increases when the distance from the center is increased every power of 2, as well as frequency of crashes and other glitches such as expanding flower.
        • Eventually, the world becomes unplayable, and natural phenomena such as the "Stripe Lands" and Far Lands occur.
          • The outer limits of the world appear to be different for some players - a grid-like formation,[3] black visual stripes (the "Stripe Lands") [4] and even the Far Lands (at the same location as in Java Edition) have been observed.[5]
  • Game Mechanics:


World generation[edit]

Blocks and items[edit]



World generation[edit]

  • Cold-en oak trees will not generate in maps with the new terrain due to their rare glitch being fixed.
  • Oak trees now generate with different heights and structures.
  • Old terrain was removed now using Old world type.
  • Removed Gravel Beaches.
  • Frozen Oceans will no longer generate naturally.

Blocks and items[edit]


  • Prettier clouds.
    • New culling of clouds.
    • The fog is darker underground.
  • Textures:
    • Separate textures for the top of Birch, Spruce, and Jungle Wood.
    • Version exclusive: Jungle leaves will be permanently opaque.
    • New leaves rendering
    • Biome-tinted blocks
  • Inventory/GUI:
    • World list now displays the storage size of each world.
    • A brand new organized layout for the crafting screen
      • Only shows craftable recipes.
    • New layout for the survival inventory
    • Each device now has its own limit for view distance.


  • New mob spawning algorithm
  • Lighter color when the mobs are hurt
  • Passive mobs now spawn in little groups.
  • Zombie AI and mechanics changed, made much more horde-like.
  • When damaged, zombies have a low chance to spawn more zombies.
  • Now spawn from leaves, creating a higher amount of spiders in tree-rich biomes at night.
  • Animation is now twice as fast.
  • Improved AI.
  • Now walk faster.
  • Improved AI.
  • No longer float two pixels off the ground.


  • The options.txt file now reads the render distance as raw blocks.[9]
  • Support for immersive mode (hides the on-screen navigation bar) for devices running Android 4.4.
  • New Leveldb based saving format.
  • New entity handling.
  • Remade network code (mostly the same packages but new system).
  • Tile entities are saved differently.
  • New culling algorithm.
  • Removed the Camera entity
  • Updated light generation
  • No more client-side messages when a player joins


5 bugs fixed

From released versions before 0.9.0

  • Mipmapping makes fire look like a big orange blob[10]
  • Minecart in multiplayer problems[11]
  • Glitched name and description for baked potatoes
  • Crafting signs only giving one unit
  • Different wood types convert to same inside furnaces



A trailer for the update was released on July 4, 2014.