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v0.8.0 alpha build 4 is the third build version released for v0.8.0 alpha.


  • Added red carpets to survival crafting menu.
  • Added a version watermark to help tell the build from screenshots.


  • Lava and fire now trigger TNT much more aggressively.
  • Faster switching from background on Android.
  • Potatoes and carrots aren't dropped anymore by tilling grass.
  • In creative mode, players stop being on fire as soon as they exit fire or lava.


24 issues fixed
From the 0.8.0 development versions
  • MCPE-5792 – Liquids not showing up at sight level.
  • MCPE-5794 – Game goes dark: black screen when hitting mobs.
  • MCPE-5799 – Rendering issue with armor page.
  • MCPE-5810 – Sideways logs randomly have the wrong texture.
  • MCPE-5816 – Items leave trail on chest UI.
  • MCPE-5821 – Two issues related to breeding chickens and pigs.
  • MCPE-5862 – Not possible to make carpets in survival mode.
  • MCPE-5869 – Minecarts don't ride smoothly going up or down mountains.
  • MCPE-5876 – Animals turn black.
  • MCPE-5901 – Issue with TNT explosion.
  • MCPE-5903 – MCPE 0.8.0 beta build 2 chest issue.
  • MCPE-5904 – MCPE 0.8.0 beta build 2 incorrect armor selection.
  • MCPE-5924 – After the flint and steel runs out, when you click it again, it crashes.
  • MCPE-5940 – An issue related to beds.
  • MCPE-5964 – An issue related to eggs.
  • Fixed a crash in the "Manage Realms" section.
  • Added baked potato description.
  • Added charcoal description.
  • Fixed typo in iron bars description.
  • Fixed arrow smoke being very fast when the arrow is stuck.
  • Fixed top cactus texture.
  • Fixed crash when picking up an arrow on fire.
  • Fixed the bad graphics bug.
  • Removed one bone meal from the creative inventory.