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v0.8.0 alpha build 2
Pocket Edition 0.8.0 build 2.png

Pocket Edition



Release date

November 22, 2013

Build for

v0.8.0 alpha

Protocol version


v0.8.0 alpha build 2 is the first build version released for v0.8.0.



  • Dynamic lighting on entities, similar to Java Edition.
    • Ambient light tinting
    • Light direction depends on sunlight direction
  • New rendering for items in hand
  • Transparent hotbar
  • When selecting an item in the inventory it replaces the one in the selected slot
  • Showing craftable recipes first in the crafting screen
  • Remade text formatting (e.g. in chat)
  • Stencil shadows
  • Added inertia to item in hand and “breathing” idle animation
  • Rotating tiles to hide repeating tile patterns
  • Water fades to non-transparent in the distance (iOS)
  • New defaults and changed options
    • Added far (256) and farthest (400) rendering distances
    • Removed smooth lighting (now always on)
    • Fancy is now default on
    • Default rendering distance is now far
  • Refactored most of the rendering to use indexed VBOs
    • Remade arrow model
    • Inventory is now rendered using cached VBOs
    • New sky rendering using a triangle fan
  • Separated far and near chunks in two queues for performance reasons
    • Fog only on far chunks
    • Transparency only on near chunks
    • Alpha-test-only layers are hidden in far chunks
  • Made the torch an opaque block
  • Mipmaps (iOS only)
  • 3D clouds with new tessellation algorithm
  • New texture atlas and texture generator script
  • Refactored OpenGL usage to avoid costly state leaks (e.g. animals aren’t alpha tested anymore)


  • A development build of 0.8.0 was made before this build, referred to internally as 0.8.0_test1. It has the same internal version codes as a theoretical v0.8.0 alpha build 1 would've had. It was never released.[citation needed]


11 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.8.0
  • MCPE-28 – Xperia Play Creative Scrolling, PTAB7200 Or Other Tablets Gamepad Small
  • MCPE-61 – Water flows downward next to farmland (visual glitch)
  • MCPE-347 – Weird textures: Moiré pattern on bricks
  • MCPE-992 – Mobs can't move through deep water
  • MCPE-1524 – Graphical glitch when looking down above clouds.
  • MCPE-2804 – Fire does not ignite tnt
  • MCPE-2937 – Chat crash
  • MCPE-4140 – breeding
  • MCPE-4736 – Spiders Have no abdomen
  • MCPE-4887 – Skeletons missing lower part of body.
  • MCPE-5411 – Falling in creative at world load