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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 0.6, see Bedrock Edition guides/0.6 releases.

v0.6.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on January 30, 2013. It added features, such as baby animals, clouds, new Nether-related blocks and items as well as other changes.

Android 2.1 and 2.2 are no longer supported in this version; v0.6.0 requires Android 2.3 or later. Users running Android 2.1 and 2.2 will only be able to play older versions of Pocket Edition.



  • A rock-like block generated by the nether reactor.
Nether bricks
  • A decorative block that is crafted from nether brick items.
Block of quartz
  • A decorative block that is crafted from nether quartz.
Chiseled quartz block
  • Not obtainable in Survival mode.
Pillar quartz block
  • Not obtainable in Survival mode.
Cracked stone brick
  • Not obtainable in Survival mode.
Mossy stone brick
  • Not obtainable in Survival mode.
Version exclusive: Stonecutter
  • Used to craft stone-related blocks.
Chiseled sandstone
  • A decorative variant of sandstone that can be crafted from it.
Smooth sandstone
  • A decorative variant of sandstone that can be crafted from sandstone slabs.
Stone brick slabs
  • Crafted using stone bricks.


  • A category of items that provides players with varying levels of protection from damage.
  • Include five different tiers of helmets, chestplates, leggings, and boots.
  • Leather, iron, diamond, and gold armor pieces can each be crafted with their respective material. Chainmail armor is unobtainable.
  • Applying process is similar to smelting: choose from armor on the left and see a preview of the player on the right.
Nether brick
Nether quartz
  • A smooth, white mineral obtained from the nether reactor.


  • Are two-dimensional.
  • Can only be seen if fancy graphics is enabled.



Crafting table
  • Can now be placed on the top half of blocks.
  • Crafting recipes for them give 6 slabs instead of 3.
  • Can now be placed upside-down.
  • Now change their shape to join with adjacent stairs.
  • Is now affected by gravity.
  • Is now affected by gravity.
  • Falls upon generation if air generates below it.
  • Are now obtainable in both Survival and Creative mode.
Sandstone slabs
  • Are now obtainable in both Survival and Creative mode.


  • Is now obtainable in Survival mode.


Baby animals
  • Now naturally spawn in new worlds.
  • Can now be colored with dyes.
  • Base model changed from White Sheep BE1 to White Sheep BE2.


  • For some Android devices only: the way to go to the pause menu is to use (◀) instead of (|=|).
Distance fog
  • Is now a more vibrant blue color instead of bluish-gray.
  • Now covers 40% of the render distance.
  • The sky can now be seen through the fog if fancy graphics is enabled.
  • When holding a slot to toss an item out, the frame of the bar turns green as well.
  • Buttons are now textured and are no longer rounded.
  • When in flight mode, there is a "wing" icon on the jump button.
  • When the up button is held, the left, right, and down buttons fade out, and diagonal left and right buttons become visible.
Nether reactor
Creative inventory


18 issues fixed
From released versions before v0.6.0 alpha
  • MCPE-19 – Still no fix on Tablet (first Galaxy Tab Froyo firmware 2.2) Survival = Creative and Creative = Survival
  • MCPE-143 – Doors, trap doors and ladders does not drop correctly in survival when adjacent to destroyed blocks
  • MCPE-356 – Blocks placed where ice was don't show up in multiplayer
  • MCPE-406 – Drowning on water
  • MCPE-526 – Other players can't see the hand shaking animation
  • MCPE-581 – Two stone bricks in creative menu
  • MCPE-591 – No description for Paintings or Glowstone
  • MCPE-592 – Watermelons grow back nearly instantly
  • MCPE-603 – Watermelon icon red background
  • MCPE-612 – Melon seeds have pumpkin seed sprite
  • MCPE-613 – Paintings deflect arrows
  • MCPE-642 – Cactus can't grow on sand block near water
  • MCPE-668 – Charging the bow breaks pictures
  • MCPE-717 – 1 melon stem can produce 2-4 melons
  • MCPE-722 – Torches when placed underwater do not drop
  • MCPE-779 – Paintings cannot be destroyed with L button (Xperia Play)
  • MCPE-883 – Wrong sugarcane drop from the reactor and creative mode
  • MCPE-1162 – Pixel disappearing bug


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