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v0.5.0 alpha
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Pocket Edition

Release date

Android, iOS: November 15, 2012
Fire: Unknown

Protocol version


For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 0.5, see Bedrock Edition guides/0.5 releases.

v0.5.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on Android and iOS on November 15, 2012[1][2] and on an unknown date on Fire.[3] It added notable features, such as melons, paintings, glowstone, the Nether reactor as well as other changes and fixes.



Version exclusive: Nether reactor core
  • Used to create a Nether reactor.
  • Can be crafted with 3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots.
Version exclusive: Glowing obsidian
  • Light-emitting block that is created from the conversion of blocks that make up a Nether reactor.
  • Drops regular obsidian when mined.
  • A light-emitting block that can be crafted with 4 glowstone dust.
  • A fruit block that grows from a fully-grown melon stem.
  • Are currently unobtainable.
  • Are currently unobtainable.
  • Cannot be written on.


Melon seeds
  • Can be used to grow melon plants.
Melon slices
  • A food item that can be eaten by the player.


Zombie pigmen
  • Undead, hostile mobs that spawn from nether reactors.

Non-mob entities[]

  • Decorative entities that hang on walls.


Version exclusive: Nether reactor
Version exclusive: Nether spire
  • A huge structure consisting of obsidian that generates when a Nether reactor is activated.
  • Holes form on the outside of it once the Nether reactor's spawn cycle ends.
  • Slows the player down and prevents them from falling off of blocks.
  • Currently only available on the Xperia PLAY gaming console.



  • Are now easier to get out of.
    • Added a Leave Bed button that lets the player exit the bed.
  • Version exclusive: Now restore health when slept in.
  • Now turns back to dirt if the player or any mob falls onto it from 1 block or more.
Sugar cane
  • Can now be grown on sand.
  • Are now able to spread.
  • Can now only be generated or placed in areas with low light, making them significantly less common.


Glowstone dust
  • Is now obtainable in Survival mode via the nether reactor.
  • Can be used to craft glowstone.
  • Now restore 4♥♥ instead of 2♥ when eaten.
  • Now restores 5♥♥♥ instead of 2♥ when eaten.
Mushroom stew
  • Now restores 8♥♥♥♥ instead of 4♥♥ when eaten.
Raw chicken
  • Now restores 2♥ instead of 1♥ when eaten.
Cooked chicken
  • Now restores 6♥♥♥ instead of 3♥♥ when eaten.
Raw beef
  • Now restores 3♥♥ instead of 1♥ when eaten.
  • Now restores 8♥♥♥♥ instead of 4♥♥ when eaten.
Raw porkchops
  • Now restore 3♥♥ instead of 1♥ when eaten.
Cooked porkchops
  • Now restore 8♥♥♥♥ instead of 4♥♥ when eaten.


  • Version exclusive: Have new animations.
  • Version exclusive: Have new animations.


  • Increased fog distance.
Health bar
  • Version exclusive: is now displayed at the top-left of the screen instead of above the hotbar.
  • The name of the selected item or block is now displayed over it.
Creative inventory


39 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.5.0
  • MCPE-1 – Trapdoors can't be crafted in survival
  • MCPE-2 – No description at Smooth stone in crafting bench
  • MCPE-4 – The player can't leave their bed when sleeping
  • MCPE-6 – No explosion sound when creeper explodes
  • MCPE-7 – Seeds drop below grass block when using hoe
  • MCPE-11 – Survival bugs: Crop tiles survives farmland destroyed underneath them
  • MCPE-14 – When destroying the top half of a bed in creative mode, it give a bed back as a resource
  • MCPE-17 – TNT, Flint and Steel and Stone Bricks aren't available in the creative mode inventory
  • MCPE-18 – Grass block not available in Creative mode inventory
  • MCPE-20 – Food not restoring the right number of hearts
  • MCPE-23 – Door Duplication
  • MCPE-27 – Not possible to activate peaceful mode
  • MCPE-29 – Trapdoors can be placed on transparent blocks like flowers, saplings, glass etc.
  • MCPE-30 – Placing door on a farmland will create a floating half-door
  • MCPE-34 – Xperia Play: The player can't eat or charge the bow
  • MCPE-46 – Torch can be placed on side of fence
  • MCPE-51 – Bed: Respawn at the wrong height?
  • MCPE-57 – Multiplayer infinity bone meal
  • MCPE-93 – Players sleeping in a bed can be pushed off the bed
  • MCPE-105 – The player can't exit their bed with split touch controls
  • MCPE-115 – Breaking block with torch on it
  • MCPE-134 – Can't sleep with my bed like this(picture included)
  • MCPE-160 – lava burns character when lava is several blocks away
  • MCPE-172 – Stone bricks: Missing description
  • MCPE-189 – Missing Fence Sound Effect
  • MCPE-190 – Farmland and other plants bug
  • MCPE-216 – Steel and flint don't take damage
  • MCPE-218 – Bed: Should sleep when pressing the bottom end
  • MCPE-237 – Extra Feathers For Player 2
  • MCPE-269 – Using an item can sometimes attack animal/player when not facing them
  • MCPE-272 – Animals sometimes never respawn in a map
  • MCPE-303 – Sleeping at the edge of the map causes the player to spawn really high in the sky after the player dies
  • MCPE-345 – Torches Jumping off Fences
  • MCPE-370 – Trapdoor placement bug
  • MCPE-382 – Player 1 places torches on ground, but player 2 sees them on the wall
  • MCPE-387 – Stuck when walking down side of fence when reaching closed gate
  • MCPE-408 – Sugarcane is unable to be placed on sand
  • MCPE-422 – Crash when loading saved world
  • MCPE-491 – Disappearing trapdoors


v0.5.0j alpha was released on an unknown release date.[4] This was the last J-version of Pocket Edition.