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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 0.4, see Bedrock Edition guides/0.4 releases.

v0.4.0 alpha was a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on September 6 and 13, 2012. It added notable features such as beds, trapdoors, creepers, new food, and farming items, as well as other changes and fixes.[2] This update was also the first public release for Amazon's Fire devices.



  • Used to skip the night and set the player's spawn point.
  • Used as a 1×1 barrier that can be opened by hand.
Stone bricks
  • Only available in Survival mode.
  • Is currently unobtainable.


Flint and steel
  • Used to ignite TNT.
  • Used to till dirt and grass blocks into farmland.
Food-related items
  • Used as a throwable entity.
  • Is currently unobtainable.


  • Peaceful difficulty option for Survival that has automatic health regeneration and doesn't spawn monsters.




  • Can now be crafted with eight wooden planks.
  • Are now functional in Survival mode, and are able to store other items and blocks in them.
  • Changed texture from Farmland BE2 to Farmland JE3 BE3.
Fence gate
  • Changed texture from Oak Fence Gate BE1 to Oak Fence Gate JE2.


  • Can now be thrown.
  • Can now be used to craft TNT.
Rose red
  • Version exclusive: is now obtainable by smelting red mushrooms.
  • Can now be crafted into red wool.
Orange dye
  • Can now be crafted with rose red and dandelion yellow.
  • Can now be crafted into orange wool.
Lime dye
  • Can now be crafted with cactus green and bone meal.
  • Can now be crafted into lime wool.
Cactus green
  • Can now be crafted into green wool.
Cyan dye
  • Can now be crafted with cactus green and lapis lazuli.
  • Can now be crafted into cyan wool.
Light blue dye
  • Can now be crafted with bone meal and lapis lazuli.
  • Can now be crafted into light blue wool.
Purple dye
  • Can now be crafted with rose red and lapis lazuli.
  • Can now be crafted into purple wool.
Magenta dye
  • Can now be crafted with rose red, lapis lazuli, and two bone meal.
  • Can now be crafted into magenta wool.
Pink dye
  • Can now be crafted with rose red and bone meal.
  • Can now be crafted into pink wool.


  • Now spawn naturally.

World generation[]

Oak trees
  • Now generate with oak logs instead of spruce logs.


  • Increased the length of the daylight cycle from 14,400 ticks (12 minutes) to 19,200 ticks (16 minutes).
  • When using an item, the player’s movement speed is decreased.
Creative inventory


  • The game no longer attempts to verify the player's license, allowing devices that do not own Minecraft in their respective app store to play the game.


15 bugs fixed

  • Monsters could spawn indoors.
  • Added fall damage for clients.
  • Players could hit each other far away.
  • Incorrect bow rendering in third person view.
  • Missing particles after critical arrows
  • Stairs reverted to their basic blocks when destroyed
  • Drawing the bow could destroy certain blocks (flowers, torches), or interact with blocks.
  • The game crashes if the player is killed while having charging a bow.
  • Connecting players could die in Creative mode.
  • Spruce leaves sometimes use the crafting table texture on all sides when dropped as an item or held in the player's hand.
  • Wrong crafting table size for Xperia Play
  • Bow doesn't take damage when used.
  • Non-dark brown tree trunks are now added back to the game (you may need to start a new world as host).
  • Destroying a door could leave half a door.
  • Spider death sound was missing on iOS.

Internal version[]

The internal version is 0.4.0(4005), and has a size of 5.32 MB.


Pocket Edition v0.4

The title screen of Pocket Edition a0.4.0j

v0.4.0j alpha[5] was released on Google Play on an unknown release date. The internal version is 0.4.0(4000), and the size is 2.16 MB.



A trailer for the update was released on September 6, 2012.