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v0.3.3 alpha was a minor update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on August 9, 2012.[1] It added notable features such as new mobs (spiders and skeletons), new items, as well as other changes and fixes.



  • Occasionally drops from gravel.
  • Can be used to craft arrows.





Bone meal
  • Can now be used to grow flowers and roses on grass blocks.
  • Can now be used on saplings to make them instantly grow into their respective tree type.
  • Can now be used to craft bows.
  • Can now be used to craft arrows.
Wooden tools
  • Durability has been increased from 11 uses to 60 uses.


  • Now drop 0–2 feathers when they die.

Non-mob entities[]

Dropped items
  • Decay time extended to 5 minutes.


Brightness comparison - 0.3.2-0.3

The difference between light levels before and after this update.

  • Increased overall brightness.
Fall damage
  • A bone breaking sound is played after falling from large enough heights.
  • The minimum number of inventory slots has been increased to 6 for all devices.
  • Hitting mobs now counts as 1 use for swords and 2 uses for axes, pickaxes, and shovels.
Creative inventory


19 bugs fixed

  • Removed fire, fixing a bug where fire would spread throughout an entire world after a single flammable block had been set aflame by lava.
    • Fire was replaced by .name<, to stop fire from spreading. It is only obtainable through inventory editing.
  • The furnace, block of iron, lapis lazuli block, block of gold, and block of diamond crafting recipes have been corrected.
  • Fixed furnace crash bug.
  • Sapling/leaves fixes.
  • Crafting doors now requires a crafting table.
  • Torches can now be placed on fences.
  • Dandelion yellow dye no longer appears as an egg in MATTIS or the hotbar.
  • A bug where cactus and door placed next to each other would remove the bottom door block (and top one if a 2 level cactus).
  • Attempting to mine invisible bedrock no longer produces breaking particles.
  • Stairs now block light.
  • Some sounds that are missing can now be heard: cow hurt sound, the sound when you break glass/ice.
  • A bug where fence gate would not appear in the user’s hand but in the world.
  • If the player stands on a slab and creates another one, the player falls through both slabs.
  • Swords (and other tools) now take damage from attacking mobs.
  • Golden tools are no longer more resistant than wooden tools.
  • The rear end texture is upside down on some animals.
  • The D-pad on iPad no longer/rarely intersects with the item slots.
  • Sugar cane can no longer be placed in water.
  • Blocks placed on snow are no longer duplicated in multiplayer.

Internal Version[]

The internal version is 0.3.3(3035), and has a size of 4.71 MB.


Pocket Edition v0.3

The title screen of Pocket Edition a0.3.3j

v0.3.3j alpha was released on Google Play on an unknown release date. The internal version is 0.3.3(3030), and has a size of 2.06 MB.


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