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Pocket Edition

Internal version

Release date

Android – November 17, 2016
iOS, Fire OS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, Gear VR – November 18, 2016

Protocol version


v0.16.2 was released to fix several bugs and added the Cartoon texture pack.[1][2]



  • Tweaked the Elder Guardian debuff attack visuals.
  • Fixed the black tearing effect along the waterline when a submerged player tilts. (VR only)
  • Various minor fixes to mobs whose attributes weren't consistent with previous versions.
  • Tweaked creeper explosion/detonation, so they no longer blow up 5 or more blocks away from the player & are now consistent with other versions.
  • Various tweaks to skins to prevent them from clipping through armor.


57 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.16.0
  • MCPE-10474 – Wither skeleton shoots arrows like a skeleton instead of using a sword
  • MCPE-10845 – Dead wolves, slimes, and magma cubes come to life when relogging
  • MCPE-12563 – Cauldron filled only 1/3 full cannot fill an empty water bottle
  • MCPE-13435 – Trap doors lighting bug
  • MCPE-14943 – Normal Zombie Didn't Attack Villager
  • MCPE-15498 – The home screen doesn't instantly show correct skin/name after changing them
  • MCPE-16138 – Minecraft always crashes if NVidia 3DVision is active.
  • MCPE-16345 – Xbox Live joining issue
  • MCPE-17455 – Keyboard Bug on Minecraft Windows 10
  • MCPE-17483 – Worlds can show to be able to hold up to 25 Players sorta...
From 0.16.0 development versions
  • MCPE-16822 – Guardian's eye doesn't follow the player, and they glitch out
  • MCPE-17059 – The Wither uses spawn sound when dying
  • MCPE-17194 – Leaves Have Incorrect Name
  • MCPE-17210 – the creeper are even exploding without him seeing you, and behind the blocks
  • MCPE-17416 – Fishing bobbers are not cast in the direction you're facing
  • MCPE-17444 – Iron golem and snowman
From 0.16.0
From 0.16.1
  • MCPE-18010 – Bed Breaking Glitch
  • MCPE-18072 – Saddles, Chests, and Feeding do not work on Donkeys
  • You can again open your inventory while using touch while riding a tamed horse/donkey/mule.
  • You can again open your inventory while riding a pig/minecart/boat.
  • Fixed a crash when a piston moved a cauldron.
  • Fixed import/export for worlds with non-UTF-8 characters in the path.
  • Horses can be dismounted while sneaking again.
  • Clients can now see the camera shake from damage.
  • Guardians again spawn inside Ocean Monuments.
  • Fishing rods no longer only fire in one direction.
  • Add-ons no longer appear twice when editing a world that already has that Add-on applied.
  • Depended upon resource packs are now saved in the world_resource_packs.json file.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a player used the /summon command.
  • Minecarts with TNT can be detonated by appropriate detonators other than just flint & steel.
  • Hurt sounds are again played when hurt events occur.
  • Food items used when feeding ocelots for breeding.
  • Clouds no longer flicker when fog updates.
  • Sun, moon & stars draw in front of terrain in immersive VR. (VR only).
  • The behavior of activator rails is no longer reversed.
  • A creeper's fuse time no longer resets every time flint & steel is used on it.
  • Arrows are no longer flipping directions visually when shot from a bow. A similar issue with fishing rods should also be fixed.
  • Fixed a crash when you respawn.
  • Game no longer fails to launch when there is an active global texture pack.
  • Commands beginning with '"w"' now appear in the auto-complete list when you type '"w"'
  • You can now rename a Wither with a nametag (and it no longer crashes your game).
  • The Wither's health bar no longer disappears when your game unloads and then reloads a chunk where a Wither is.
  • Enchanted bows again have their extra bonuses.
  • Fixed a crash on Windows Phone. (Windows Phone only)
  • Hopper minecarts in older saved game files should work again.
  • Fixed a crash with item frames & compasses/clocks.
  • Fixed texture changes on cats, zombie villagers, villagers when loading a world created before 0.16.
  • Fixed a crash from invalid pack_manifest.json files in an Add-on folder.
  • Fixed a crash when players closed settings in a game with resource packs active.
  • Fixed a crash when you attempt to select a custom skin.
  • ""Saddle up"" achievement should work again.
  • Mob spawners should no longer be spawning mobs in properly lit areas.
  • Wolves should again attack rabbits, skeletons & sheep more frequently.
  • You can again open a crafting table multiple times on mobile (MCPE only).
  • Horses no longer lose their equipment when importing a 0.15.9 world.
  • Fixed a crash caused by fire arrows.


  • This was the last update in the Alpha stage of Pocket Edition development.
  • This was the last update for Windows Phone 8 devices.[3] Updates for Windows Mobile resumed on February 22, 2017, with the release of 1.0.3 for Windows 10 Mobile.[4]