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v0.15.90.1 alpha build 1
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Pocket Edition

Internal version



Release date

October 7, 2016

Build for

v0.16.0 alpha

Protocol version


v0.16.0 alpha build 5[1] (labelled internally and v0.15.90.1 alpha build 1 in-game) is the fifth and final build version released for v0.16.0, also known as the Boss Update.



  • Add-ons are now named Behavior Packs.
  • Some icons for settings are now colored.
  • Re-added Old world type which was removed in build 1


49 issues fixed
From released versions before v0.16.0
  • MCPE-6721 – Clouds go through blocks
  • MCPE-7526 – Cloud texture rayed through players and entities
  • MCPE-11204 – Attacking and mining with enchanted books applies the book's enchantments
  • MCPE-11325 – Inventory count display too centered
  • MCPE-11381 – Open doors change to being shut when you reload the world
  • MCPE-11490 – Old worlds cannot be set to "always day"
  • MCPE-11594 – Can't put out a fire by tap and hold in Survival (but can in Creative)
  • MCPE-12171 – Wolf attacks its owner
  • MCPE-13846 – Incorrect Breaking Time of Rails
  • MCPE-14026 – Comparator based Analog Memory Circuits lose signal OnGameLoad
  • MCPE-14101 – Creeper damages terrain in water.
  • MCPE-14300 – Game Crash when you run out of air underwater while wearing a respiration enchanted helmet
  • MCPE-14452 – Attached block to the full snow layer does not update anymore when shooting some arrows on it
  • MCPE-14516 – Interaction button and item display name
  • MCPE-14517 – No "Name" button for Snow Golems
  • MCPE-14519 – Can place attachable block to head pistons
  • MCPE-14530 – Carrot on a stick in hotbar causes other items to show the same title twice
  • MCPE-14533 – Broken Wither Name in Death Message
  • MCPE-14641 – Messed-up generation of strongholds under villages and closing crashing MCPE
  • MCPE-14660 – Can't put chests on donkeys and mules. (No equip button is displayed)
  • MCPE-14766 – Nether wart texture doesn't change upon growing
  • MCPE-14805 – Piston pushing cauldron with water or potion in it crashes the game
  • MCPE-15424 – You can damage your horse with an enchanted sword while riding it
  • MCPE-16093 – MCPE Crashes frequently when a minecart is activating a detector rail, and pistons push that detector rail at the same time
  • MCPE-16163 – When randomly hearing a pig dying, a crash occurs...
  • MCPE-16202 – Horse Bug - Cannot Climb Stairs & Slabs Smoothly
  • MCPE-16556 – Brick and nether brick (Items) are not in creative inventory
  • MCPE-16750 – Cannot place saddle or armor on a tamed horse
From v0.16.0 development versions
  • MCPE-16681 – Export world button option is functionless
From the previous development version
  • MCPE-17036 – Beacon Beam Not Rendering Correctly (Black)
  • MCPE-17039 – Old World (Finite World) Type Missing from Create New World Options
  • MCPE-17062 – Ghast, Blaze & Wither Skeleton now take fire / lava damage.
  • MCPE-17069 – Some mobs don't make any sounds or are replaced with 'player hurt' sounds.
  • MCPE-17072 – Shear option/sounds are missing/broken.
  • MCPE-17075 – Baby horses, when spawned, are tiny small
  • MCPE-17076 – Arrow of Decay has the wrong title.
  • MCPE-17078 – Jack o'Lantern pumpkin texture bug
  • MCPE-17081 – Potions effects get removed when reopening the world
  • MCPE-17083 – Wither does not attack mobs
  • MCPE-17117 – Baby PigMan Holding Sword Incorrectly
  • MCPE-17124 – The mob burning animation is floating away
  • MCPE-17182 – Strays shoot normal arrows
  • MCPE-17212 – When riding a zombie horse, you get the message action.hint.exit.ZombieHorse
  • MCPE-17250 – The name of the tipped arrow of decay is miswritten.
  • MCPE-17259 – Ligntning striking pig on peaceful difficulty crashes the game
  • MCPE-17280 – Hitting a creeper and backing away no longer prevents the explosion
  • MCPE-17295 – Command /summon lightningbolt delays lightning strike until the world is reloaded
  • MCPE-17316 – You can shear sheep infinitely without waiting for wool to grow
  • MCPE-17320 – Tipped arrows shot into a snow layer continuously apply their effects