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v0.15.90 alpha build 1

Pocket Edition

Internal version



Release date

September 16, 2016

Build for

v0.16.0 alpha

Protocol version


v0.16.0 alpha build 4[1][2] (labelled v0.15.90 alpha build 1 in-game and[3] internally) is the fourth build version released for v0.16.0, also known as the Boss Update.



  • Wither
    • Version exclusive: When its health reaches 50%, it spawns 3–4 wither skeletons.
    • Version exclusive: New animation when created and killed.
    • Version exclusive: New sounds.



  • Beacon
    • The beam is incorrectly displayed by outside.
      • Can be seen correctly by inside.
      • Cannot be colored as dyed glass doesn't exist.


  • Tweaked the elder guardian's hitbox.
  • Modified natural spawn rates for mobs to where they should be (wither skeleton).
  • Fixed performance issues (FPS drop).
  • Lots of work on horses.
  • Tweaked some UI spacing issues.
  • Tweaked some issues with arrows.
  • More piston work.
  • Removed the /clearfixedinv, /setfixedinvslot and /wsserver commands, introduced in build 1.
    • Now are only for Education Edition.
      • These commands still can be turned on in files (commands/education.json).
  • Removed NPC spawn egg.
  • Version exclusive: Creepers and untamed ocelots now have idle sounds. These were removed (at least for creepers) in a later unknown update.


82 issues fixed
From released versions before v0.16.0
  • MCPE-5272 – Empty buckets can´t collect water when underwater (Creative only)
  • MCPE-7848 – Grass does not grow on dirt under fences or cobblestone walls
  • MCPE-8212 – Arrows bounce off tamed dogs but not tamed cats
  • MCPE-10353 – Some keyboard keys are dead
  • MCPE-11583 – Milking a cow (or mooshroom) with a single bucket (or bowl) immediately consumes the milk (or stew, if the player is hungry)
  • MCPE-12467 – Nether mobs can die in any bodies of lava
  • MCPE-13304 – Double Flower Duplication Bug
  • MCPE-13421 – Wolves can be fed with raw and cooked fish
  • MCPE-14142 – Strange font behavior (width, size...)
  • MCPE-14487 – All mobs take knockback damage from splash potion of harming II
  • MCPE-14514 – Creepers are mute when attacked
  • MCPE-14521 – Undead/Passive mobs still alive when get hit by tipped arrows of healing/harming
  • MCPE-14525 – Horses show open button before fully tamed
  • MCPE-14526 – Horse is unrideable while tied to a fence, and ride button is shown
  • MCPE-14776 – Holding Flint and Steel when focusing on a Creeper doesn't show ignite button
  • MCPE-15052 – Breaking ice creates water source block in the Nether
  • MCPE-15086 – Baby horses don't show feed button
  • MCPE-15981 – Armor take damage when we break blocks with them
  • MCPE-16009 – Trying to tame horse while holding saddle bug.
  • MCPE-16160 – Mobs don't burn in sunlight while on soul sand.
  • MCPE-16283 – Redstone torch burn/turn off when placed on the side of a piston
  • MCPE-16292 – Wither Skeletons and Blazes Do Not Spawn Again in Nether Fortresses
  • MCPE-16417 – Inception achievement not unlocking
  • MCPE-16743 – Items on the ground are facing the opposite direction
From v0.16.0 development versions
  • MCPE-16652 – Cannot Choose Custom Skin or change between Steve and Alex
  • MCPE-16653 – Exit Game confirmation incorrectly displaying vr.warning.exitGameWarning
  • MCPE-16662 – Logging in to Xbox Live text is behind the settings button
  • MCPE-16678 – Sea lantern texture bug
  • MCPE-16682 – Everything disappears when opening any GUI
  • MCPE-16691 – Water Breathing doesn't increase visibility
  • MCPE-16696 – Hoppers duplicating items
  • MCPE-16715 – Blank Spawn Egg Crashes Game
  • MCPE-16724 – Cannot Sign out of XBL / Switch User in 0.16.0 Menu
  • MCPE-16741/gamemode has incorrect feedback message
  • MCPE-16743 – Items on the ground are facing the opposite direction
  • MCPE-16779 – Changing Gamemode when Flying gives Flight Control Buttons in Survival
  • MCPE-16791 – Button13 in controller settings has incorrect name - key.interactwithtoast
  • MCPE-16802 – Chat / Text Input Cursor is Misaligned (Too Low)
  • MCPE-16826 – Top layer of mob texture is darkened (possibly wrong shadow?)
  • MCPE-16876 – Guardians sink while attacking with Lazer
  • MCPE-16888 – Typing /help 1, or /help 3 doesn't show which page you type in
  • Mob steps can be heard again.
  • Players can fill buckets while underwater, even in creative.
  • Fixed it so that potions of harming will kill mobs rather than just making them drop loot.
  • Replaced placeholder with the correct names of items.
  • Guardian & elder guardian attack animations are visible again.
  • Fixed attribute inconsistencies in mobs & fixed multiple attribute loading bugs (some mobs ran too fast, some mobs had incorrect health, some mobs didn't show the correct health in their health bar.
  • Fixed crash after joining a LAN game.
  • Fixed randomly breaking boats.
  • Monster spawner no longer crashes the game when difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Fixed a crash when a player threw a snowball, egg, or splash potions.
  • Zombie pigmen are no longer hostile towards mobs.
  • No more diving when riding a horse, pig, or donkey.
  • Guardian laser beams change color now.
  • Markers on maps now correctly show direction when riding (animal, minecart, etc.)
  • Gamerule settings now persist in saved games.
  • Fixed issue where some mobs dropped no items.
  • Players again spawn in "safe places" during initial world generation.
  • Players no longer float above beds while sleeping.
  • Fixed crash when server spawns guardians & elder guardians.
  • You can hear the laser sound for guardians & elder guardians again.
  • Fixed items dropping from mobs incorrectly (not dropping for some, dropping for some that shouldn't have drops)
  • Chat window fixed- automatically updates messages when they come in.
  • Two zombie villagers no longer spawn when a single villager is turning into a zombie.
  • Status effects no longer present after a player's death.
  • Nether mobs no longer lose fire resistance.
  • Fixed projectiles so they can be shot in directions, not just at targets.
  • Invisible players can no longer be seen and attacked by mobs.
  • Creepers now make hissing ignition sounds again.
  • Iron golem now has an attack animation again.
  • Lightning strikes have sounds again.
  • Fireballs fixed: Blaze fireballs set blocks on fire & large fireballs are visible again.
  • Fixed assorted crashes when loading/importing older worlds.
  • Projectiles no longer hurt the player when reflected.
  • Iron golems will attack aggressive mobs again to defend villagers and themselves.
  • Fixed rare case of mobs spawning without heads.
  • Fixed slime spawning size issues.
  • Zombie pigmen are again spawning with golden swords.
  • Elder guardians now attack the player.
  • Player no longer gets disconnected from the Realm after suspending & resuming the device/game.
  • Fixed a crash that can occur when a skeleton horse trap is triggered on peaceful.