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v0.15.4 was released to fix some of the bugs and crashes in v0.15.3. For iOS, Fire OS, Windows Phone, Windows 10, and Gear VR, this includes bug fixes from 0.15.3.[1] This version is also used for the first version of New Nintendo 3DS Edition.


  • Animation for Signing in to Xbox Live accounts

Skin packs[]



38 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.15.0
  • MCPE-57 – Multiplayer infinity bone meal
  • MCPE-8718 – Fishing Rod Fish Button Translation Error in Korean
  • MCPE-10760 – Furnace placed facing west or north emit fire particles from the back instead of the front
  • MCPE-11408 – CPU usage goes through the roof
  • MCPE-11587 – Mouse cursor displays in-game when it shouldn't
  • MCPE-12055 – 3-way multiplayer iPad mini crash on connect
  • MCPE-13104 – Extinguish effect is missing for zombies and skeletons when it is raining during the day
  • MCPE-13449 – Breeding ocelots
  • MCPE-13508 – LAN player indications display 1/5 regardless of the actual number of players
  • MCPE-13720 – iPad Pro crash on turning (not on iPad Mini)
  • MCPE-14226 – Failing Redstone
  • MCPE-14448 – Minecraft: pocket edition is crashing after playing more than 2 minutes in windows insider preview builds
  • MCPE-15097 – You can lock sneaking when spamming 2 keys
From 0.15.0 development versions
  • MCPE-14727 – Some problem with Xbox live login (Crashes after a minute)
  • MCPE-15085 – Horses cannot be fed to full health
  • MCPE-15315 – Observers don't detect block updates in melon nor pumpkin stems
From 0.15.0
  • MCPE-15496 – Endermen don't continue attacking after teleporting
  • MCPE-15515 – Controller Doesn't Work Until You Restart World
  • MCPE-15600 – Changing gamertag in options.txt file crashes the game on startup
  • MCPE-15632 – Crash when opening Win 10 Edition
  • MCPE-15895 – Skeleton traps causing a crash.
From 0.15.1
  • MCPE-15449 – You can fall through bedrock in superflat
  • MCPE-15760 – Game crash while riding a minecart
From 0.15.2
  • MCPE-16197 – Slime blocks adjacent to an extended piston body can be pushed by a piston but cannot be pulled
  • MCPE-16314 – Blocks are rarely deleted when pushed by a piston and pushing something that was pulled.
From 0.15.3
  • MCPE-16313 – game crashes a lot to add or remove blocks, among others...
  • MCPE-16337 – Realms demands WLAN?
  • Fixed comfort issues caused by rain & snow in the player's face in VR.
  • Lead lines no longer disconnect from the hand when jumping in Immersive Mode in Gear VR.
  • Leads now display the correct texture & don’t cause crashes in Gear VR.
  • Fixed a crash on the inventory screen.
  • Horse container screen now keeps labels visible.
  • Bone meal and spawn eggs now consumed in Survival mode.
  • B button to quit from the main menu works on Windows 10 edition now.
  • Fixed a crash when creating or entering a new world.
  • Fixed a crash when traveling the world with render distance set to maximum.
  • Worlds with UTF-8 symbols in their name are now displayed in the Play tab for Win 10.
  • Fixed some issues with players creating new realms.

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