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v0.14.3 was an update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that includes new skin packs and some changes. It was the last version to support Android 2.3 Gingerbread and iOS 6 and 7.


Skin packs


40 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.14.0
  • MCPE-8101 – Giant oak trees do not replace grass with dirt
  • MCPE-10906 – Controller Bug
  • MCPE-11484 – Chicken jockeys only run as fast as the chicken.
  • MCPE-11796 – Nether Wart only drops one Wart when broken
  • MCPE-11808 – Movement While entering a chest
  • MCPE-11853 – World will revert to the way it was before if closed in a way that is not through the game
  • MCPE-11869 – Redstone Torches placed on Redstone blocks do not emit a one tick signal
  • MCPE-11966 – Under "Generating world" text is not change, when changing the language
  • MCPE-12028 – Samsung GamePad can't turn the camera
  • MCPE-12061 – Cannot join external server over Ethernet on Amazon FireTV
  • MCPE-12140 – Minecart auto use bug
  • MCPE-12146 – Render Distance setting determines villager spawn
  • MCPE-12756 – Crash when sprinting on Leaf blocks
  • MCPE-12758 – Crash when skeleton shoots dog
From 0.14.0 development versions
  • MCPE-12554 – Redstone And Noteblock Bug
  • MCPE-12570 – Sensitivity Problem
  • MCPE-12626 – Enchanted Leather Armor is glitched
  • MCPE-12723 – Hoppers funnel too many items when full
  • MCPE-12787 – Dropped leather armor is dyed white
  • MCPE-12945 – Crash when I go into the nether
  • MCPE-13184 – Graphics/ chunk bug after using/making item frame lock
  • MCPE-13213 – Can't spawn between 2 half-blocks
  • MCPE-13221 – Chest mining animation is messed up. Same on 1 side of signs
  • MCPE-13281 – Dropers and dispensers don't dispense randomly to chests or hoppers
  • MCPE-13306 – Redstone signal lock doesn't work
  • MCPE-13314 – Map Issue, Default Zoom way too far
  • MCPE-13477 – Distortion bug
  • MCPE-13478 – Wolf teleport itself and collars color went back to default
  • MCPE-13483 – Flat world bug
  • MCPE-13530 – Bed setspawn not working.
  • MCPE-13535 – Screen flicker frequently occurs in 0.14.0
From 0.14.0
  • MCPE-13764 – If you stand 9 blocks or so away from a chest or anything that has its own UI and tap the block, the UI opens for a split second, then exits immediately.
  • MCPE-13948 – Bluetooth Disconnect Crash
  • MCPE-14017 – Redstone torch burnout bug
  • MCPE-14044 – Feeding an animal consumes multiple foods without delay.
  • MCPE-14307 – Keyboard doesn't close automatically in 0.14.0 on Windows 10 Mobile
  • MCPE-14381 – Input ignored and/or stick
  • MCPE-14406 – Rowing a boat underwater ejects player, disconnects all from multiplayer
From 0.14.2
  • MCPE-14136 – Items Duplicating in hot-bar After Use
  • MCPE-14372 – Win 10 Beta recently started crashing on startup.
  • Clouds now use correct texture