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v0.13.1 alpha is an update to Pocket Edition that fixed bugs present in v0.13.0 and added a new skin pack. While it wasn’t the last update to v0.13.0 alpha, it was the last one before the builds of v0.14.0 alpha started.



Skin packs



Title Screen
  • Moved the "Skins" button to the Title Screen
  • Options is no longer a wrench icon
    • Increased the button size of both
    • Options menu now has three left panels, instead of four
  • PE title screen now looks more like Windows 10 Edition title screen


22 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.13.0
  • MCPE-8798 – Guest Fails to Recognize 'Always Day' option
  • MCPE-9364 – Enchanting XP Glitch
  • MCPE-9599 – Static/Feedback sent to speakers when the game is launched
  • MCPE-9802 – You can see the sky from underwater!
  • MCPE-10161 – Blaze does not change color to red when hit.
  • MCPE-10194 – Auto jump tries to make you jump even if the jump is impossible
  • MCPE-10239 – Grass block texture when suffocating inside them is incorrect
  • MCPE-10497 – Beetroot missing in creative slots
  • MCPE-10511 – Potions, books, and enchanted items appear erratic
  • MCPE-10593 – No chat at all
  • MCPE-10643 – Gold Nugget Transfer to Chest Bug/Crash
  • MCPE-10879 – Tamed Cat / Ocelot attacks chickens
  • MCPE-10912 – Bug to put " §§ " (without quotes ) in the name of my world
  • MCPE-11019 – Error when clicking on 'Achievements' in the main menu
  • MCPE-11146 – Crash when joining remote server - Android (hudle2)
  • MCPE-11253 – Fish do not approach bobber when fishing
  • MCPE-11451 – When a cactus is on the ground, the sides are in different directions.
From 0.13.0 development versions
From 0.13.0
  • MCPE-12296 – No mobs can go through open iron door