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v0.13.0 alpha build 2[1] is the second build version released for v0.13.0.



  • The terrain doesn't flicker invisible anymore when too many chunks are active
  • Fixed a crash when it's night in a village and you're holding a door not made of oak
  • The held item's movement in first person is more fluid now
  • Fixed mobs disappearing after going through a portal
  • Removed redundant tripwire recipes
  • Single pieces of redstone dust now only get powered from below
  • Doors now pop correctly when destroyed by removing the block below them
  • Mobs aren't pulled immediately back into minecarts after being thrown out
  • Ocelot mob heads don't disappear anymore
  • Block of redstone is now properly translated
  • Fixed item duplication glitch in the anvil
  • Fixed various redstone-related bugs and inconsistencies
  • Fixed corrupted images in the language screen