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v0.12.2 alpha[1] is a minor update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition with a few bugfixes.[2] This is the last version for FireOS 2.


12 issues fixed
From the released versions before 0.12.0
From 0.12.0
  • MCPE-10045 – Entities turn black when facing a certain way
  • MCPE-10107 – Sand particles when sprinting above red sand
From 0.12.1 development versions
  • MCPE-9695 – Tamed Wolves
  • MCPE-10081 – Snow layers placed on the part of a block uncovered by another block replace any block in that space
  • MCPE-10287 – Creating golems in survival don't reduce the count of pumpkins
  • MCPE-10444 – Iron golems
From 0.12.1
  • MCPE-10536 – When I press the play button, Minecraft crashes.
  • MCPE-10589 – Furnace interface flickers
  • MCPE-10802 – Mojang logo doesn't appear when opening Minecraft pe
  • MCPE-10958 – Placing an enchanted bow in a furnace removes the enchantments
  • Fixed a bug where breaking double tall grass would give off sunflower particles.