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v0.12.1 alpha build 8 is the eighth build released for v0.12.1.



  • Changed explosions
  • Lots of tweaks in the control layout screen
  • Nametags are visible from farther away now
  • Hitting your head on the ceiling gives a slight jump delay
  • Ghasts' hitboxes are bigger
  • Experience orbs are burned by lava or fire
  • Beetroots crops can be obtained from village farms
  • The input is smoother and more responsive, especially on scrolling panes
  • Lava now prevents fall damage
  • Can now select the player list in the game menu using the d-pad
  • All enchantments show their level now


25 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.12.1
From the 0.12.1 development versions
  • MCPE-9424 – Sprint canceled when jump-sprint (jump and sneak swapped in the option)
  • MCPE-9794 – The sneak button is less responsive than before
  • MCPE-9798 – D Pad Fail
  • MCPE-9814 – Unable to collect potion after brewing
  • MCPE-10170 – While moving (running or walking) using the D-pad, you cannot change your hotbar selection.
  • MCPE-10185 – Iron/snow golem crafting in water or lava.
  • MCPE-10190 – Clicking the bed and chat button crashes the game.
From the previous development version
  • MCPE-9762 – Tapping on the D-Pad not only moves you but can also force you to destroy/place a block or use an item.
  • MCPE-9816 – Incorrect name for large chest
  • MCPE-9897 – Enchantment effort will disappear after exit
  • MCPE-10167 – Experience (XP) is not consumed and destroyed by lava as expected.
  • Items now keep their enchantment when closing and reopening the game
  • Bottles no longer disappear when placed in a brewing stand
  • Potions no longer disappear when taken off a brewing stand
  • Enchantment tables work properly in multiplayer
  • Controllers are properly recognized if they are already connected on game start
  • Skins now refresh when returning to the Skin Selection screen
  • Fixed some Taiwanese and Japanese characters being shared with Chinese
  • Invert Y-axis now actually works on Controller
  • Fixed a random multiplayer crash
  • Jump works again when holding the Forward button
  • Sittings dogs won't be suffocated under accumulating snow
  • The experience bar doesn't overflow the toolbar anymore
  • Android clients don't receive trial warnings anymore