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v0.12.1 alpha build 6 is the sixth build released for v0.12.1.


  • Added camera mode slider on options (First Person, Third Person Front, Third Person Back)


  • Reordered stone shovel and stone hoe to match other items in the creative list
  • Changed particles when placing water in the Nether
  • Lava is now brighter
  • Lava will now spread faster in the Nether
  • Ghasts will hit you more reliably


19 issues fixed
From the 0.12.1 development versions
  • MCPE-9309 – switching hotbar slot
  • MCPE-9313 – Anvil bug
  • MCPE-9481 – The snow golems don't spawn (on snow flakes)
  • MCPE-9707 – You can't mine any blocks in Survival
  • MCPE-10169 – The game crashes on loading or freezes on hudl devices.
  • MCPE-10186 – Crafting enchanted golden apple yields regular golden apples
  • MCPE-10187 – Crafting with 8 gold ingots and 1 apple gives you 0×Golden Apple.
  • MCPE-10309 – In the Nether, lava is too slow.
From the previous development version
  • Fixed player in Creative mode dying by the void
  • Fixed base ores (iron, gold) dropping multiple times when using fortune pickaxes
  • Fixed lava flowing slowly in the Nether
  • Breaking chests will drop enchanted items correctly.
  • Fixed crafting single-dimension items (swords, shovel) in multiplayer.
  • Boat types now have different colors when held in the hand
  • Fixed mobs becoming dark when moving over soul sand
  • Fixed wool particles when jumping
  • Anvil works correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed not being able to exit the options screen after setting a skin