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v0.12.1 alpha build 12 is the twelfth build released for v0.12.1.



  • Fishing rod now makes a less repetitive sound
  • Digging and walking sounds are now the same as on PC
  • Silverfish no longer make sound while moving
  • Skeletons and wither skeletons now have a new death sound
  • Lava in the Nether now flows like on PC
  • Nerfed beetroot soup
  • Critical hits now with more particles
  • Zombie pigmen now attack iron golems
  • Zombie spawn eggs now have a chance to spawn zombie villagers
  • Trapdoors can now be placed on the bottom and top side of a block
  • Torches can now be placed atop nether brick fences


30 issues fixed
From released versions before 0.12.1
  • MCPE-7951 – 2 x 2 Jungle trees leaves disappear when you grow them artificially (bone meal)
  • MCPE-8809 – Stack of zero inc sacs caught from fishing
  • MCPE-10205 – Trap door bugs!
From the 0.12.1 development versions
  • MCPE-9336 – Iron golem bug
  • MCPE-9787 – Bow position bug in 2nd and 3rd player view
  • MCPE-10138 – You cannot place torches on nether brick fences.
  • MCPE-10241 – Apples do not drop from trees
  • MCPE-10313 – Zombie pigman fights iron golem back.
  • MCPE-10335 – Brewing stand shows an incorrect icon
  • Slime now use the correct sounds
  • Fixed the breaking animation for chests showing only on certain sides
  • Fixed 2 high plants when it is not vibrating the device when breaking
  • Fixed chest staying open after use.
  • Fixed skeletons holding bows incorrectly
  • Enchanted items now get properly synced between clients and server
  • Fixed crash on opening the stonecutter
  • Fixed fishing sometimes giving you stacks of infinite Inc-sacs
  • Fixed fishing bobber not going down far enough when a fish bites
  • Fixed beetroot crops using the stone sounds
  • Fixed mining 2 high plants not working correctly in multi-player
  • Fixed endermen not teleporting when shot with an arrow
  • Fixed wolves attacking cats when a player punches them
  • Snow-covered ice no longer provides a speed boost when walked on
  • Player can no longer push golems through walls
  • Fixed trapdoors no longer suffocating entities
  • Creepers now flash white and explode when ignited with flint and steel
  • Fixed TNT having a small explosion range when on top of a fence
  • Fixed trees not dropping apples from decaying leaves
  • Player now holds the bow correctly in 3rd person
  • Player now holds sugarcane correctly in 3rd person