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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of 0.12, see Bedrock Edition guides/0.12 releases.

v0.12.0 alpha[1] is the first version released for the Windows 10 Edition Beta.[2] It was released on the universal Windows 10 platform, with the rest of the Pocket Editions being developed starting with v0.12.1. The release of the Windows 10 version and the Pocket Edition versions was intended to coincide with each other, both being released on July 29, 2015 but encountered obstacles in its development, forcing it to be delayed.[3]

Below are features added in the Windows 10 version, which did not exist in previous Pocket Edition versions.



Anvil JE1 BE1Chipped Anvil JE1 BE1Damaged Anvil JE1 BE1 Anvils
  • Used for repairing and combining enchanted items as well as for renaming any item/block at the cost of experience levels
  • Tools can also be repaired using one piece of their material
  • Enchantments that are the same are upgraded by one level as long as they are both the same level and the higher level exists
  • Conflicting enchantments will be removed and only the first one will be kept
  • Becomes damaged from using and dropping it - Damage persists in inventory and splits up into 3 categories: Anvil, Slightly Damaged Anvil & Very Damaged Anvil
  • Can be placed in 4 orientations, but can't be moved by pistons
  • Experience level cost depends on enchantment levels & rarities, whether the item will be renamed and whether the item has been used with an anvil before - Maximum experience level cost is 39 levels, unless in Creative mode
    • For a more detailed explanation of how enchantments are combined using the anvil, see the Anvil mechanics page
  • Is affected by gravity and does 1 heart of damage to mobs and players it falls on per block it fell, excluding the first one - Players killed by a falling anvil cause the death message "Player was squashed by a falling anvil" to appear in the chat
  • Version exclusive: Furnaces and Brewing stands do not show custom name in their GUIs.
Brewing Stand (empty) JE1 BE1 Brewing stands
  • Used to brew potions.
  • Version exclusive: Custom name does not appear in GUI.
Mob heads
  • Wither skeleton skull has a chance of dropping when a wither skeleton is killed by a player
  • Also exist for creepers, zombies, skeletons, and players
  • Can be put on the ground in 16 orientations and hung on walls
  • Can be worn
  • Using external editors or mods player skulls can be assigned to specific players - They then have a tooltip "Player's Head"
    • Add the NBT tag "SkullOwner" -> (player name) on the skull items.
  • Version exclusive: Inventory icons are not 3-D.
  • Cannot be worn.
Flower Pot Flower Pots
Soul sands
Nether brick fences and Nether brick slabs
  • Decoratives
Nether Quartz Ore JE1 BE1 Nether quartz ore
  • Drops 1 nether quartz item when mined.
  • Can be smelted in a furnace to obtain nether quartz.
  • Can be legitimately obtained with Silk Touch enchantment.
  • Drop more when mined with Fortune enchantment.


Glass bottles
  • Used for making potions
Potions and Splash potions
  • Can be obtained by brewing
Golden carrots
  • Golden carrots can be crafted with a carrot surrounded by 8 gold nuggets
  • Restore 6 (🍗🍗🍗) hunger
Nether warts
  • Can be used for brewing.
Glistering melons
  • Used for making potions
Golden apples
Enchanted golden apples
Rabbit's feet
  • Brewed to make a Potion of Leaping.
  • Creative only
Blaze rods
  • Drops from blazes.
  • Ingredient to brewing potions.
Blaze powders
Ghast tears
Spider eyes
  • Drop from spiders.
  • Ingredient for brewing negative potions.
Fermented spider eyes
  • Ingredient for brewing potions.
  • Makes negative versions of potions.
Poisonous potatos


Wither JE1 BE1 Wither
  • Cannot yet be created.
  • Three-headed flying player-created boss mob shooting projectiles at any mob that isn't undead and players
  • After spawning, it flashes blue, builds up health, grows slightly, and is invincible for a few seconds - Then it explodes and starts attacking players and mobs
  • Each head can fire projectiles, so-called wither skulls, at different targets - Projectiles explode on impact
  • Shoots two kinds of projectile - a blue one from the little heads, targeting mobs, and a dark one from the big head targeting players
  • When hit by projectiles, players get the Wither II effect, which acts like a slower poison effect that can kill and turns affected players' health bars' hearts black
  • Constantly regenerates health
  • Gains wither armor when taken down to half health, making it immune to arrows
  • Drops a nether star when killed
  • Darkens the sky when spawned in the Overworld

Creative inventory additions[]

World generation[]

The Nether
  • Infinite in size, like in Java Edition.
  • Nether portals can also be up to 23x23 in size
  • All items previously obtained through the Nether reactor are now available through their normal means.
Nether fortress


Iron golems
Snow golems
  • Can be crafted by placing two snow blocks vertically and a pumpkin on top.
  • Melts in hot biomes.
  • Spreads snow around when it walks.
  • Passive to the player, but throws snowballs at enemies.
  • Can be tamed using raw fish.
    • Tamed ocelots will scare off creepers and teleport to the player similarly to tamed wolves.
Zombie villagers
  • Villagers retain their profession and clothes, which appear tattered, and have a green wart on their noses.
  • Added baby zombie villagers to
Wither skeletons
  • Carry and rarely drop Stone swords when killed by players.
  • Drop bones, coal, and rarely wither skulls.
  • Give players Wither effect when hitting them.
  • Spawn in nether fortresses.
  • Will rarely, depending on difficulty, spawn with the ability to pick up armor, headwear, items, blocks, weapons, and tools - Armor and tools & swords are equipped automatically and will be exchanged for better gear when possible - Items that are picked up will have a 100% chance of dropping after dying - When killed, they drop what they are holding.
  • All equipped gear is functional - Swords and tools do more damage on attacks, armor protects the mob.
  • Rare tool drops are now damaged
  • More advanced gear is more likely to spawn with mobs when playing on harder difficulties and rarely drops when the mob is killed by players
Charged creepers
  • Spawned when a lightning bolt strikes a creeper during a thunderstorm.


  • Controller and keyboard support
  • Version exclusive: Option to reverse the Sneak and Jump button's location.
  • The jump button has been moved to the right side of the screen.
    • Added a sneaking button in place of where the current jump button is.
      • These are the new default controls.
  • Option to disable the auto-jump feature


  • New food system.
    • Most food items can now be stacked up to 64.
    • There is now a food meter.
    • Food no longer heals directly, but indirectly: if the food meter is above 90%, heals ♥ every 4 seconds.
    • Food level decreases when sprinting, jumping and when being hurt.
    • If the food meter is at 0%, the player starves and loses ♥ hearts every 4 seconds.
  • Rain
  • Snowfall
  • Thunderstorm
  • New way to travel, activated by double-tapping forward.
  • Gives the player a boost in speed.
  • The player can now jump four blocks horizontally while sprinting.
  • Used for careful-necessary travels
  • Peaceful
  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
Item repair
  • Anvil necessary



  • The player can now swim in them
Nether Reactor
  • Made useless, uncraftable, and removed from the crafting menu. If the player breaks a Nether reactor core, it still drops 3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots.
Snow layer
  • Version exclusive: Builds up multiple layers naturally through snowfall
  • Version exclusive: Are now affected by gravity
  • Version exclusive: Leaves in snowy taigas now appear frost-covered


  • Now use the updated crafting recipe, including leather


  • Now have particles when jumping
  • Will now attack
Magma cube
  • Magma cubes and ghasts now spawn naturally
  • Magma cubes now split when killed
Zombie pigmen
  • Zombie pigmen are now neutral
  • Now spawn in the Nether
  • Have a new AI
All Mobs
  • Burning mobs have a sizzling particle effect once extinguished
  • Hostile mobs will no longer attack while you're in creative mode
  • Mobs will now drop experience when killed

Non-mob Entities[]

  • New inventory icons
    • Now include paddles
    • Different boat types' items now are their respective color


    • Tinted water - gradient from aqua to dark blue when viewed from a distance
  • Always visible
  • New texture
  • Updated game logo
  • Relocated pause and chat button

Windows 10 exclusive features[]


Title screen
  • Buttons now have a rocky texture
  • Rotating player model with current skin with the player name above is now displayed
  • Options button is now beneath the 'play' button to the left
    • Button now reads 'options' rather than a wrench icon
  • Skin selection tab relocated from options to a button on the title screen to the right of the options button
  • Language button now uses the same icon as Java Edition
  • Buttons are smaller and make up the current size of the 'play' button


  • Java Edition style survival inventory and crafting UIs
  • Keyboard support
  • Nine slots in hotbar, rather than 5–7


  • 6th view distance option


5 bugs fixed

  • Touchpad implementation fixed on the Sony Xperia Play
  • MCPE-3671 – You can't get out of lava[5]
  • MCPE-8750 – Unable to enter new text upon removing formatting[6]
  • MCPE-8956 – Baby zombie ride the cow
  • MCPE-9561 – Ocelots cannot be tamed when using keyboard and mouse