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v0.11.0 alpha build 8 is the eighth build version released for v0.11.0.


  • Added magma cube and ghast spawn eggs
    • The mobs could previously only be spawned by hacking in the eggs


  • Fishing rod now breaks the connection between rider and ride
  • Changed default biome


21 bugs fixed

  • Fixed crash when leaving server while riding.
  • Fixed spawn-egg mobs falling through the world.
  • Fixed players not dropping their inventory on death.
  • Removed redundant dirty queue (increase performance).
  • Fixed excess tallgrass in savanna biomes.
  • Improved (re-)spawning, teleporting.

From released versions before 0.11.0

  • MCPE-6858 - Duplicate of a consumable item in use shows up in Hotbar.
  • MCPE-6866 - Naturally generated stationary lava doesn't update.
  • MCPE-7185 - No fall damage for guests.
  • MCPE-8109 - Beds display light level zero when covered by a block.
  • MCPE-8341 - Falling red sand broken by a torch drops normal sand.
  • MCPE-8352 - Naturally spawned lava has no blast resistance below a certain leve.l

From the 0.11.0 development versions

  • MCPE-8175 - Sometimes entities (players, animals, monsters, and boats) start falling into the ground until they die or reach the void.
  • MCPE-8195 - Boats hitting the shore would go into the land, then sink into the blocks until y=0.
  • MCPE-8221 - Fishing does not work.
  • MCPE-8258 - The boat's GUI does not include the chat button.
  • MCPE-8282 - All of the quartz block varieties are named the same "Block of Quartz."
  • MCPE-8284 - Enderman Spawn Egg is named wrong.
  • MCPE-8302 - Fishing doesn't work well on boats.
  • MCPE-8313 - Hitting the "fish" button in multiplayer targets the nearest player and pulls said player towards the player with the rod.