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v0.11.0 alpha build 5 is the fifth build version released for v0.11.0.


  • New splashes on the title screen


21 bugs fixed

  • Fixed chat formatting character skipping
  • Fixed SetEntityData packet destruction
  • Fixed bobber corruption
  • Fixed a crash when loading an invalid skin
  • Fixed milk name
  • Fixed enderman name
  • Fixed a crash on arrows after reloading world
  • Fixed effect particles not being removed after drinking milk
  • Fixed spawn eggs being used in creative mode
  • Fixed a background queue deadlock
  • Fixed a crash during quitting
  • Fixed some black screen issues by killing the background process on activity destruction
  • Fixed tile entities (chests, signs) not saving
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when hooking an exploding creeper

From released versions before 0.11.0

  • MCPE-8143 - Can click invisible cancel button during world generation

From the 0.11.0 development versions

  • MCPE-8187 - You can fall through blocks while coming from top of a not-full block (like slabs or chests)
  • MCPE-8231 - When Tnt blows up, it destroy other tnts instead of priming them up
  • MCPE-8233 - Chests delete all items stored after loading a new world

From the previous development version

  • MCPE-8263 - When I spawn a boat beside a block, it doesn't go
  • MCPE-8266 - Crash after exiting app: null pointer exception in isNetworkEnabled
  • MCPE-8279 - Crash when quitting to title whilst opening a chest