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v0.11.0 alpha build 2 is the second build version released for v0.11.0.


  • Added View-bobbing slider in the menu


19 bugs fixed

  • Fixed startup crash for old worlds
  • Wolves are no longer angry after killing a target
  • Fixed bugs with tamed animals not being tame
  • Fixed several collision checks
  • FishHook now despawns on game exit
  • Fixed arrows crashing the game
  • Fixed arrows being picked up by the player in mid-air

From the previous development version

  • MCPE-8170 - Sounds are played twice
  • MCPE-8172 - Water and lava are in a block far away from where the texture is
  • MCPE-8173 - Skeleton shoot arrows to themselves
  • MCPE-8174 - Cannot play on LAN
  • MCPE-8185 - Destroying a furnace with items in it crashes the game
  • MCPE-8205 - Crash with invalid or no skin.
  • MCPE-8226 - Players do not lose status effects particles while they die
  • MCPE-8271 - Time for potions is not shown correctly
  • MCPE-8272 - Armor leggings not showing
  • MCPE-8276 - Trunks are missing in spruce trees
  • MCPE-8278 - Double click to browse skins crashes the game
  • MCPE-8331 - Multiplayer crashes when another tablet is joining my world to ride the boat with my brother