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1.1.3 is an update to Pocket Edition which provides some additions to the Nether as well as fixing crashing and improving stability.[1]



Magma block
  • Found in the Nether, generating 4 blobs per chunk between Y=27 and Y=36.
  • Crafted using four magma cream.
  • Mobs and players take 1♥ damage every second while touching it, similar to a cactus.
    • Unlike cactus or fire, this block doesn't destroy items that touch it.
    • Mobs avoid magma blocks that are in the way.
  • Most mobs don't spawn on magma blocks. Exceptions are magma cubes, zombie pigmen and squid.
  • If the player is sneaking, wearing Frost Walker-enchanted armor, or under the Fire Resistance effect, they do not take damage.
  • If the player dies by standing on it, a new death message will appear: "[Player] discovered floor was lava."
    • If the player dies by the block, but after being damaged by a mob or player, the death message will be: "[Player] walked into danger zone due to [Mob or Player]."
  • Removes water blocks on top when randomly ticked.
  • It produces smoke particles under the rain.
  • It emits as much light as it receives from other sources.
    • e.g. A magma block next to a torch will emit light at level 13, as that was the light level it received from the torch.
      • If the torch were to be removed then it will search for the next brightest source of light; if no source is found then it will continue to emit the same amount of light as the torch.
      • It can emit daylight if it was exposed to the sun.
  • Has a flowing magma animation.
Bone block
  • Crafted by filling a 3x3 square in the crafting table with bone meal.
  • Placing it in a crafting table yields 9 bone meal back.
  • Found underground in desert and swamps as part of the fossil structure.
Nether wart block
  • Crafted by filling a 3x3 square in the crafting table with nether wart.
  • It cannot be crafted back into nether wart.
Red nether brick

World generation[]

  • Generates 15–24 blocks underground in deserts, swampland and their M and hills variants. Each chunk has a 164 chance of generating a fossil.
  • Composed of bone blocks and some coal ore, arranged as to resemble the skulls and spines of giant extinct creatures.
    • There are 4 variants of the skull, and 4 variants of the spine sections.


  • Added new entries
    • Adventure Time Mash-up Pack
    • Summer Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew
    • Wisteria Grove by Imagiverse
    • The Kingdom of Torchwall by Imagiverse


World Generation[]



  • Relics of the Privateers (World)
    • Behavior Pack:
      • Updated the behavior files of remaining used mobs to 1.1.0 format
      • Fixed an issue with small crabs not moving or attacking
    • World:
      • Removed many extra colonials from Portalina and Brinewall to reduce lag
      • Removed many extra crab entities from around the giant crab
      • Thinned out many pirate encampments, for balance purposes
      • Some items left floating in the world removed
  • Updated resource and behavior packs
  • All behavior components and AI goal parameters now appear in the documentation


  • Fixed several crashes and improved stability
  • The game will no longer crash when blocks are placed on the edge of old worlds


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