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For a guide about all content in this release and the other releases of the Discovery Update, see Bedrock Edition guides/Discovery Update.

1.1.0, the first release of the Discovery Update, is a major update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition that was released on June 1, 2017. It added many new features primarily focused on exploration (similar to Java Edition 1.11), such as woodland mansions, adventure mode and explorer maps, and some features revolving around the color palette of the game (similar to Java Edition 1.12) such as concrete and glazed terracotta. Other new features included new mobs, such as llama and vexes, the Marketplace, and a partially-implemented off-hand slot.

The update was also the last major update to be released under the name Pocket Edition – afterwards, beginning with Bedrock Edition 1.2.0 (Better Together Update), the name was revised to Minecraft (with no subtitle) due to the cross-compatibility gameplay between other devices introduced in that update.



  • Comes in the 16 traditional dye colors.
  • Created when concrete powder comes into contact with still or flowing water.
Concrete Powder
  • Comes in the 16 traditional dye colors.
  • Gravity affected (like sand and gravel).
  • When it touches water, it turns into a concrete block.
  • Craftable using 4 sand, 4 gravel and one of any dye to get 8 concrete powder blocks. The recipe is shapeless.
Glazed Terracotta
  • Comes in the 16 traditional dye colors.
  • Smelt any colored terracotta in a furnace to obtain the glazed terracotta of that color (not for regular terracotta).
  • Can be placed in 4 directions: north, south, west, and east.
    • When placed down while facing the right directions, a repeating pattern can be created. For example, the white terracotta will create the pattern of a sun when 4 are placed down correctly.
  • Will not "stick" to slime blocks if attached to the side, top or bottom, but will if attached to the front or back.
Shulker Box
  • Crafted in a crafting table as a single column, with a chest in the middle of the row and a shulker shell both above and below the chest.
  • Work similar to a chest, but keeps its content when broken.
    • If it has any content inside, it will drop itself in Creative mode as well.
    • Cannot be placed inside another shulker box.
    • When hovered over in the inventory, it will show up to 5 slots of its content.
    • Breaks when being pushed by a piston.
  • Use the same opening and closing animations as the Shulker.
  • Can be placed on different sides of a block to open in different directions.
    • When opening, its hitbox changes from 1 block to 1.5 blocks in its opening direction.
      • Because of this, it will not open if there is a block of any kind within the closest half-block area in its opening direction.
  • Can be dyed in any of the available dye colors.
    • Dyed Shulker Boxes have a slightly darker bottom part than the normal one.
  • Dispensers will place the block on the ground.
  • Can be mined with anything, but is mined faster with a pickaxe.
Frosted Ice
  • Created when using "Frost Walker" enchantment.
  • Cannot be obtained in the inventory, neither with silk touch nor with commands. (Can be placed only via /setblock)
  • Breaks after a few seconds when in sufficient light (including daylight).
    • Breaking takes place in four breaking stages (blockstates: age:0, age:1, age:2, age:3). Still decay with randomTickSpeed set to 0, but a higher number will make them decay faster.


Explorer maps
  • Can only be obtained from cartographer villagers.
  • Used to locate ocean monuments and the new woodland mansions.
    • Ocean explorer maps are slightly blue, while woodland explorer maps are slightly brown.
  • Works like a map, but shows the outlines of land and a single structure icon.
    • Fills in the map with blocks once the player starts exploring the area shown.
  • When resized, it will still show the structure icon, but will lose the outlines.
  • When outside the area on the map, the player icon will be smaller the further away the player is.
    • When 1024 blocks away from the structure, the dot will go from a small icon to a bigger one.
Totem of Undying
  • Evokers will always drop one of these upon death.
  • Holding it in either hand will resurrect the player upon taking lethal damage.
    • Gives the player the Absorption and Regeneration effects when activated.
    • Does not prevent death by /kill or the Void.
    • Has an animation when activated, which uses the item's texture and model.
Iron Nuggets
  • Can be crafted from iron ingots, but are also received from smelting iron tools and armor.
  • Can be crafted into iron ingots.
Spawn eggs


  • Spawn in extreme hills.
  • Drop leather.
  • Has multiple skins, like cats and horses.
  • Attack by spitting.
    • If the player hits them, they will spit at the player once, dealing 1♥ damage.
    • If not in a caravan group, they are always aggressive toward wolves.
  • Can be equipped with a carpet for decoration and a chest for storage.
    • Differently colored carpets have different textures when placed on llamas.
    • The amount of storage slots available depends on the strength of the llama.
  • If the player puts a leash on one, up to 10 llamas will be attracted and try to form a caravan.
    • Caravan groups are passive to all mobs.
  • Tamed llamas can be bred with hay bales.
  • Being relatives to the villagers, they look similar but have pale gray skin and wear dark clothes.
  • Two kinds of Illagers are introduced: evokers and vindicators.
  • Separate their arms when aggravated, and holds an iron axe in their main hand.
    • Their axe is one of their HandItems, this means their attack disables shields.
  • Hostile towards players and villagers.
  • Have a byte tag Johnny which is false by default; if set to true, they will attack any nearby mobs, with the exception of other Illagers.
  • Spawn in the woodland mansions upon generation. They will not respawn.
  • May drop emeralds and an iron axe upon death.
  • Added as an end-game challenge, or mini-boss.
  • Will always drop a totem of undying upon death. May drop emeralds too.
  • In battle, they will summon vexes and fangs to attack.
    • Raise their arms when casting a spell.
    • Fangs always deal 6♥♥♥ damage, ignoring armor.
  • Aggressive towards the player and villagers.
  • Spawn in the two upper floors of woodland mansions upon generation. They will not respawn.
  • Will change any blue colored sheep in a radius of 16 blocks into red.
  • Spawn only when summoned by an evoker.
  • Appear similar to ghosts, in that they are small, pale, flying mobs that can phase through blocks.
  • Show red marks when about to attack.
  • Attack players and villagers.
  • Hold an iron sword in their main hand.
Cartographer villagers
  • Added as a new librarian career.
    • Trading with a cartographer is the only way to obtain the new explorer maps.

World generation[]

Woodland mansions
  • Generate in roofed forest biomes.
  • Home to the illagers.
  • Have three floors, where the bottom two are larger and the third is smaller.
  • Use procedural generation and structure blocks for random layouts.
    • Because of this, some rooms may be completely surrounded by walls and have no entrance.
  • Consist mostly of cobblestone and wood blocks.
  • Can be located with a woodland explorer maps.


Off-hand slot
  • Off-hand slot only works with arrows and totems of undying.
    • Bows choose their arrow type based on the offhand.
    • Arrows in the offhand take priority over arrows in any other slot.
    • If there are multiple arrow types and none in the offhand or selected hotbar slot, the arrow that is in the lowest numbered slot will get fired.
  • Frost Walker
  • Turns water into meltable ice which decays in multiple stages.
    • Does not work on flowing water.
  • Mending
  • Any experience collected while holding the item repairs it instead of going to the experience bar.
  • Mainhand, offhand, and armor slots all count as held.
  • If multiple held items have the enchantment, one will be chosen at random for each experience orb collected.
  • Repairs at a rate of 2 durability per experience.
  • If the amount of repair needed is less than the value of the experience orb, the extra experience will go to the experience bar.
Adventure mode
  • Only playable using commands.
  • Building, destroying blocks, setting things on fire and using buckets is disabled.
  • Players can only interact with mobs and the environment.
  • Players can place and take items from a chest, a furnace or a dispenser.


  • Added a setting to toggle smooth lighting
  • Version exclusive: Marketplace
  • Added a setting to change the screen safe area.
  • Added 13 new languages: Čeština (Czech), Dansk (Danish), Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian), Magyar (Hungarian), Norsk bokmål (Norwegian), Polski (Polish), Slovenčina (Slovak), Suomi (Finnish), Svenska (Swedish), Türkçe (Turkish), Ελληνικά (Greek), Български (Bulgarian), and Українська (Ukrainian).



  • Beds
    • Makes more realistic sounds when placed, stepped on and broken.
    • Can now be dyed in all 16 colors.
    • Gives a short bounce when jumped on.
  • Carpet
    • Texture is changed.
  • Cobweb
    • Version exclusive: A cobweb can be converted to 9 strings on a crafting table.
  • Door
    • Now actually make sounds when placed
  • Hardened clay
    • The uncolored block is now called "Terracotta"
    • The colored blocks are now called, for instance, "Red Terracotta"
  • Melon block
    • Version exclusive: Breaking a melon with shears will produce the full 9 slices of melon.
  • Wool
    • Texture and color palette is changed.


  • Maps
    • Maps are now numbered, so that the player can tell which map is which.
    • Version exclusive: Empty maps with compasses have been renamed to locator maps to distinguish between empty maps without compasses
  • Golden apple
  • Spawn eggs
    • Updated spawn egg texture for husk, shulker, silverfish, stray and zombie horse.
  • Potion of Decay
    • Has now updated texture.


World generation[]

  • Seeds which contain pre-generated structures such as ocean monuments & igloos may generate those structures in different places.
  • Version exclusive: Igloo beds are white in ice spikes and brown in cold taiga.



  • Entity and block entity IDs
    • Use underscores to separate words, rather than using single words in mixed case.
      • The following names have changed:
Old name New name Change
arrow.skeleton arrow Rename
cavespider cave_spider Underscores
minecartchest chest_minecart Rename
minecartcommandblock command_block_minecart Rename
thrownegg egg Rename
dragon ender_dragon Rename
fallingblock falling_block Underscores
fishinghook fishing_hook Underscores
minecarthopper hopper_minecart Rename
largefireball large_fireball Underscores
leashknot leash_knot Underscores
lightningbolt lightning_bolt Underscores
lavaslime magma_cube Rename
mushroomcow mooshroom Rename
polarbear polar_bear Underscores
skeletonhorse skeleton_horse Underscores
smallfireball small_fireball Underscores
snowgolem snow_golem Underscores
thrownpotion splash_potion Rename
primedtnt tnt Rename
minecarttnt tnt_minecart Rename
irongolem iron_golem Underscores
wither.boss wither Rename
skeleton.wither wither_skeleton Rename
potion.experience xp_bottle Rename
xporb xp_orb Underscores
zombiehorse zombie_horse Underscores
pigzombie zombie_pigman Rename


  • CanPlaceOn & CanDestroy are now supported in the /replaceitem command
  • /gamerule
    • New game rules: dodaylightcycle, doentitydrops, dofiretick, domobspawning, domobloot, dotiledrops, doweathercycle, keepinventory and mobgriefing
  • /locate command will now find more structures such as Villages


  • This command can set the maximum amount of players in a game session.


  • Iron and gold tools can now be smelted into iron nuggets and gold nuggets
  • Dampened the vertical look speed when using a controller
  • Improved navigation of the settings screen when using a controller
  • The X button button can now be used to clear the hotbar on the Creative inventory screen when using a controller
  • Improved controller input when selecting items on the Creative inventory screen
  • Version exclusive: New sleeping animation slowly lowers the player into a serene slumber
  • Worlds will now show a screenshot in the main menu
  • Eating animation can now be seen in third-person camera
  • Added a warning if a resource pack cannot find the textures list file
  • Added a message when toggling Always Day button in the world settings.
  • "EnchantRandomly" function has been modified to use treasure flags
  • The "crafting" label above the 2x2 grid in the player inventory was removed because the sizing didn't work in non-English languages.
  • Font fixes.
  • Updated the beacon recipe to not use a specified aux value and instead use the default.
  • Tweaked some weird touch issues with the hotbar.


  • MCPE-12196 - Water no longer renders and unloads oddly behind clouds
  • Fixed a crash when importing certain resource packs
  • Fixed a crash when trying to join a server with plug-ins
  • Players can now see particles after other players fall from over three blocks high
  • MCPE-19414 - Leads no longer float above rabbits' heads
  • Fixed special characters on signs being visible through walls
  • Horses now make sounds when they jump!
  • Fixed pressure plates and other Redstone items staying pressed when the player leaves the chunks
  • Fixed Redstone that is placed below and beside a piston appear to connect to the piston
  • Fixed Hoppers not pulling items from above if all slots were occupied
  • The host and other players no longer get disconnected from the game session when the host minimizes the game (iOS only)
  • MCPE-8332 - Finally fixed the bug with MCPE not starting on some Android devices
  • MCPE-14019 - Items shot from droppers and dispensers can now be picked up quickly
  • Players can no longer place top slabs under them while standing on a bottom slab, preventing falling
  • Fixed lava flowing too far in the Nether
  • Shulkers will teleport away when placed on top of a piston
  • Shulkers will no longer drop experience orbs after being killed using the /kill command
  • Fixed shulkers that are spawned with a dispenser under a top slab
  • Mobs can now see players through non-solid blocks. No more hiding from creepers in sugar cane!
  • Fixed some shading/shadow issues with some Android devices
  • Fixed mob spawning so it is now modified by the number of players in the game and where they are located in proximity to other players
  • Fixed some issues with hit detections against entities
  • The player can now use whisper-like commands (/tell, /w, /msg) on dead players
  • Maps can again be zoomed out in the crafting table
  • Green arrows no longer appear on all framed maps
  • Green arrows are no longer left on the map after it is removed from an item frame
  • MCPE-19993 - Splash/lingering potions can now go into brewing stands from a hopper
  • Creepers no longer sometimes get stuck inflating when a player hits it & then moves back
  • The End Rod will now be grayed out in the Pocket UI crafting table if the player is lacking the necessary ingredients
  • /stopsound & /playsound now name all players affected by those commands
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to activate "Wheel Turning" in VR options (VR only)
  • Pressing the tab key now finishes the typed command properly (Rift only)
  • MCPE-12281 - Renamed blocks/containers now have their names changed in menus/inventory
  • Fixed some crashes when importing Add-ons
  • Smite enchantment now affects all undead mobs
  • Mobs that are lifted up by Shulker projectiles will now be shown lifting up properly
  • Breaking a Shulker projectile will now show the effect
  • Starting a sign message with §§ will no longer make the text invisible
  • MCPE-19299 - Elytra will now lose durability in Survival multiplayer games
  • MCPE-18872 - Mooshrooms will now respawn on mushroom islands
  • Experience orbs no longer splash when they fall in water
  • Having one spawn egg in Peaceful Creative mode will no longer consume the egg
  • Crops will no longer yield a fixed amount after harvesting
  • Click MMB on a flower pot containing a flower will now select the flower
  • Adjusted the color of several blocks on maps
  • Maps created in the Nether will now show red and gray patterns, not just gray
  • Shulkers will no longer immediately attack when a player leaves cover
  • Trees and giant mushrooms will no longer be missing blocks when spawned on the edge of a chunk
  • The Wither will now play sound during its spawning animation
  • MCPE-20357 - /clear command now removes equipped armor
  • No more "crazy mouse" - sensitivity should be correct now
  • MCPE-19004 - Ender dragon's ender charge attack now has correct sound
  • Cracking animation & particles now display correctly in multiplayer
  • Fixed a start-up crash on some Android devices
  • Player markers on a map no longer turn black and are left on the map after another player disconnects
  • The player will no longer lose all their text to the right if they move their text cursor to the middle of the text box and press enter
  • MCPE-14022 - Covering a roof of a spawn chamber with half-slabs no longer severely reduces the mob spawn rate
  • Items can again be pushed under an upper half-slab
  • Virtual keyboard is now available in single player (Gear VR only)
  • Fixed a crash when feeding adult animals to breed them with only one food item in a stack
  • Feeding a tamed wolf will now restore the correct amount of health, depending on the type of meat used
  • Dates of save games are now the proper format of "day/month/year" for Dutch language settings
  • Polar bears no longer deal damage on Peaceful
  • Donkeys and mules can no longer be tempted with food until they are tamed
  • Lava buckets that are in a furnace's fuel slot will no longer turn into a water bucket when a wet sponge has finished drying
  • Players no longer suffocate when the drowingdamage gamerule is disabled
  • Various mobs inside monster spawners will no longer be huge
  • Fixed texture issues on anvils
  • Fixed a graphical glitch when sand is falling
  • FoV will now increase while sprinting and flying when FoV is set to max setting
  • Fixed large oak trees spawning with birch wood
  • Iron Golems will no longer attack a player after they are killed by the Iron Golem
  • Particles now appear behind arrows when seeing another player shoot arrows
  • Shearing a Mooshroom that is attached to a lead will no longer remove the lead
  • Chicken jockeys will now walk with the speed of a baby zombie
  • Mobs spinning in a monster spawner will no longer stutter
  • Blazes will now stop burning after they stop targeting a player
  • Blazes now perform melee attacks with the right damage
  • Skeleton horses and zombie horses now drop the proper amount of bones or rotten flesh
  • The panoramic image view for mash-up packs in the store can now be scrolled using a controller
  • Farmland and crops are now destroyed when players jump on them
  • Fixed the vignette at the edges of the screen in The End
  • Items thrown by players no longer carry the player's momentum
  • Conditional/Unconditional setting for Command Blocks will now copy when using Ctrl+MMB
  • Fixed textures on the bottom of lead knots
  • MCPE-19849 - Fixed the height view distance when Beautiful Skies is enabled
  • High-jumping horses will no longer take damage when they jump and land from the same height
  • Mobs can no longer spawn on top of slabs
  • Fixed a crash when interacting with skulls
  • Mobs from the overworld will no longer spawn in The End
  • MCPE-19633 - Fixed falling blocks breaking and duplicating when falling onto pistons
  • Armor Items are now equipped to mobs when dispensed
  • Several Redstone components like buttons and levers can be now placed on top of fences and walls
  • Color gradients of grass blocks no longer appear as large-square patterns
  • MCPE-19575 - Rails can no longer be duplicated using sticky pistons
  • MCPE-20315 - Fixed resource packs failing to import if there are colors in the name of the pack
  • MCPE-11279 MCPE-10077 MCPE-10079 MCPE-11555 MCPE-16940 - Fixed sounds with a variety of items
  • Rain will no longer fill cauldrons with the last potion it was filled with
  • MCPE-17582 - Boats can now be broken when occupied by a horse
  • Skulls will no longer be invisible when spawned with the /fill command
  • Using the /time query command now returns more descriptive messages
  • Fixed the consistency of death messages for all players when falling into the void
  • The progress of brewing stands will now copy when using Ctrl+MMB
  • Enchanted golden apples are now called "Enchanted Apples"
  • Executing an unfinished command now updates the chat with 'invalid command syntax' message
  • Items can now be enchanted with the Unbreaking effect using the /enchant command
  • An error message now appears when using the /replaceitem command with non-existent slot number or exceeds an item stack's boundaries
  • Only the appropriate armor can be placed in each armor slot using the /replaceitem command
  • Horses can no longer be equipped with any item in the saddle slot by using the /replaceitem command
  • The correct error message is now shown for import failures of a non-ZIP Add-On files
  • Sugar cane can once again be planted on podzol blocks
  • The elder guardian's special attack to inflict mining fatigue will now play sound
  • Baby Zombies, Baby Zombie Villagers, Baby Zombie Pigmen and Endermites will now attack players standing in fence corners
  • Fixed Zombie villager transformation rate depending on difficulty
  • Saplings that grow into trees will no longer replace other blocks with leaves
  • The Wither's shield will now block all projectiles
  • Fixed recipes containing charcoal that could not be selected in the Pocket UI when using a controller and coal was also in the player's inventory
  • When using the /replaceitem command, all chat messages after the command is executed will display the proper item name
  • Ice and packed ice are now properly destroyed in Creative mode
  • MCPE-18471 - Beacon beams now appear through clouds
  • Mobs will no longer get stuck and spin around on top of chests
  • MCPE-20460 - Using the /give command with a damage value will now give the item the right durability
  • The error message for too much power used in the /effect command now shows the amount of power, not time
  • Fixed items received from the /replaceitem command, when executed after /clear, not being visible until the inventory was opened
  • The jump button will no longer disappear from the touch pad when pressing Fly Up and Fly Down buttons
  • Fixed the throwing rate of snowballs to be consistent with the host of a game session
  • Command blocks will now show all lines in the Previous Output field
  • Fixed players having no sound when joining an Xbox Live game
  • Villagers really no longer walk away while trading and also fixed the trading screen closing.
  • MCPE-11727 - Mobs can again walk on beds & brewing stands without spinning around or getting stuck.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when loading older worlds.
  • MCPE-20490 - Villagers can now pick up more than a single stack of an item.
  • MCPE-21028 - Players can mine/destroy paintings again.
  • MCPE-18027 - The Wither is now one of the paintings the player can get.
  • Mooshroom files in the vanilla behavior pack are now named consistently & uses the correct loot table file when not sheared.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player tried to rejoin a Realm or world after previously cancelling joining the Realm/world.
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a mob effect that doesn't exist is applied to a melee attack.
  • The owner of a Realm can now join their own Realm even if it is already full and there are other players trying to join it.
  • Double trapped chests are again being highlighted when aimed at with the cursor regardless of which half the cursor rests.
  • Bottles in brewing stands no longer become invisible after opening & closing the stand UI.
  • Players no longer spawn on the bedrock roof of the Nether.
  • If the player is flying and disconnects from a world/Realm, when they rejoin they will still be flying now.
  • All multi-colored blocks are now placed in the order of the color palette in the Creative inventory.
  • Players are no longer asked to download a behavior pack when joining a game with one enabled.
  • MCPE-20369 Health & hunger bar textures fixed - no longer bugged when using a texture/resource pack.
  • Fixed a crash when returning from the Nether for the first time.
  • Fixed damage from multiple sources (so players no longer get contradictory screens)
  • The player can again move the scroll bar properly when an item in the Storage manager is expanded.
  • Add-ons are now flagged both at a child & parent level when a dependency chain is broken.
  • The game again saves the player's language settings if they close the title.
  • Fixed signs so text again appears on the UI as it does on the sign.
  • Closing the inventory menu with the three dot button no longer causes the inventory bar to disappear.
  • Horses no longer shake their heads back and forth as they walk.
  • MCPE-20875 - Magma cubes are no longer missing their jumping animations.
  • MCPE-20239 - Witches are no longer immune to poison damage.
  • If a player still has the Invisibility status effect, they no longer become visible if they leave and then re-enter a game/Realm.
  • MCPE-20777 - Default Creative mode items no longer reappear in the player's inventory if it's empty after they re-enter a world.
  • The game/camera no longer shakes violently when applying the nausea effect to a player.
  • MCPE-20554 - The Nether portal overlay no longer appears briefly when using the /clear effect command after the Nausea effect.
  • MCPE-19168 - Mobs again drop cooked food if killed by an arrow from a bow with the Flame enchantment.
  • MCPE-19631 - Arrows of Healing deal additional damage to undead mobs and no longer bounce.
  • Achievement description text now appears in one color.
  • MCPE-20907 - Villagess are fully generating again.
  • Fixed assorted crashes.
  • Fixed a crash when taking a screenshot when leaving the world on older Android devices.
  • Storage manager confirmation pop-up now scrolls when localized text is longer than the box.
  • Fixed a memory leak issue when loading into a world with Add-ons. (iOS only)
  • Players no longer receive fall damage when jumping on slime blocks attached to pistons that are extending & retracting.
  • No more flickering item counts on the hotbar.
  • Items on the hotbar no longer change content by themselves!
  • The hotbar no longer appears incorrectly after filling/emptying a bucket/bottle from a cauldron.
  • The difficulty in the in-game settings screen works correctly again.
  • The hideparticles argument in the /effect command now hides/shows particles correctly.
  • Switching a player's gamemode now informs the player that they have had their gamemode switched.
  • Loading an End City and then reducing the render distance setting no longer causes Shulkers to despawn.
  • Smoke particles that appear after a player's death are now the correct animation length.
  • Slash command autocomplete feature again works in multiplayer games.
  • Fixed several skins on the Festive Mash-up pack that appeared corrupted.
  • After a world with a resource pack is uploaded to a Realm, the resource pack is again displayed.
  • Pressing the play button in the Edit World screen after applying Resource or Behavior packs to a previously vanilla world no longer closes the Edit World screen & returns to World Select instead of loading the game.
  • Fixed the screen getting cut-off on smaller screens for the Redstone Mansion store description
  • Exiting the crafting grid will not drop items on the ground unless the inventory is full.
  • MCPE-19876 - Mobs no longer get stuck in corners of fences.
  • Slimes & Magma Cubes again have the correct movement.
  • MCPE-20461 - The /say command in command blocks no longer gives an incorrect message.
  • Ender dragon movement is no longer really jittery when in flight.
  • All mobs should now be affected by the speed effect.
  • Name auto-complete in commands works again.
  • "Diamonds to You!" achievement again unlocks in multiplayer.
  • Resource Pack purchase screen download progress bars now appear after purchasing DLC.
  • MCPE-19019 - Anvils no longer drop as items when they fall on torches - and they stack now, too.
  • Cave spider spawners now generate more often in abandoned mineshafts.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when chests & cauldrons collided with each other.
  • Arrows no longer stutter when fired while riding an animal.
  • Template worlds will once again appear on the create world screen.
  • Rideable mobs can only be ridden when equipped with a saddle.
  • Particles traveling from bookshelves to enchantment tables will now travel over blocks.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to type more than four lines on a sign.
  • The Boost button is now visible when riding a Pig with Carrot on a Stick in hand. (Pocket Edition only)
  • Chest on donkey/mule can now be accessed with a controller in Pocket UI.
  • Fixed texture orientation on command blocks.
  • Fixed Broadcast to LAN not toggling off.
  • Horses' heads no longer clip through player's face when moving up single blocks.
  • Redstone torches now have sound when burning out.
  • The on-screen chat keyboard can now be re-opened.
  • Repeaters now properly handle delay-based pulse generation.
  • Pressing ↵ Enter on the keyboard will now move to the next line when making a sign (Android only).
  • Fixed a crash when trying to open a chest that was pushed or pulled by a sticky.
  • Fixed texture colors of fences and fence gates.
  • MCPE-20746 - Fixed 0xfe RakNet wrapper packet compression.
  • Fixed a crash when standing in an End Portal as it is completed.
  • MCPE-5406 - Lava will no longer flow towards drops it cannot reach.
  • MCPE-1982 - Once again have fixed mobs going out of fences when reloading a world.
  • Fixed the Leave Boat button being missing from the screen.
  • Minecarts will no longer jump off downward-sloping rails.
  • Milk buckets will no longer disappear from a full hotbar after milking a cow.
  • MCPE-21142 - The player can again craft dispensers using the Pocket UI.
  • Ender crystal explosion is now data driven for added world security.
  • Copying a block now places the copied block in the empty item slot when holding an item in hand and having an empty slot in the hotbar.
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Sign in for Free button while trying to download game music.
  • Download of Redstone Mansion now updates the action button properly.
  • Panoramas now load properly.
  • All players can now ride mounts when it is on a lead, not just the owners.
  • /locate village command now returns coordinates of the nearest village.
  • All Resource packs should now be displayed in the Global Resource list, both in the settings menu & create world menu.
  • Players are again able to push mobs into minecarts & boats.
  • MCPE-19535 - Blazes should no longer be able to one-hit kill players with a small fireball.
  • MCPE-19361 - /fill command changes should now be saved.
  • Text in buttons in the Realms update screen should now be properly aligned.
  • Fixed smoke/water particles flying off at crazy speeds.
  • Hostile creatures can again hit with melee attacks against mounted players.
  • Fixed a crash when downloading texture packs from the Global Resources or Resource Packs tab.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to access XBL.
  • Hitting an enderman with a potion of invisibility no longer also makes the block it is holding disappear.
  • The provoke range of endermen is no longer too short.
  • Endermites no longer occasionally spin around for a few seconds when not chasing a target.
  • It no longer takes an unreasonable amount of time to break cobblestone walls.
  • Snowballs now generate particles when they break.
  • Dead bushes again catch fire & disappear.
  • "This bed is occupied" message now only appears for the player trying to get in the occupied bed, not the player currently using it.
  • Villagers no longer prioritize harvesting crops over sharing food with hungry villagers.
  • Zombie & skeleton horses no longer die unexpectedly.
  • Tipped Arrow of Decay now has the correct texture.
  • Ender pearls now show the correct particles when breaking.
  • Blaze rods are now shown correctly when held in 3rd person view.
  • Removed the extra white pixel in the Peony thumbnail.
  • Gameplay sounds again load on the main menu.
  • Elytra has sounds again!
  • "Beam Me Up" achievement works again.
  • The frequency of enchanted books has increased to account for the new enchantments.
  • Using bone meal on a fully grown crop doesn't consume the bone meal anymore.
  • Fire ticks properly now- it spreads & extinguishes in an appropriate amount of time.
  • Reduced the size of the hitbox on arrows.
  • Villagers now use the correct recipe to craft bread and consume wheat.
  • Villager trading window no longer closes immediately on the first attempt at a trade.
  • Draw distance range is no longer too high on low memory devices.
  • Fixed arrows under water from constantly spewing bubbles.
  • Fixed projectiles never reporting that they were on the ground.
  • Fixed text on signs appearing too high.
  • Fixed white wool/carpet appearing just as "wool" and "carpet".
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a player fell in the void.
  • Mobs now play footsteps sounds.
  • The profile changes the player's name to the default if they leave the name blank.
  • Fixed a crash if they player's language is German & they use a hyphen.
  • Texture packs should no longer randomly decide not to work or show corrupted textures anymore.
  • Players in multiplayer can now see offhand items of other players.
  • Chests can now be opened if an entity stands in the same block.
  • Infinity bows no longer take arrows from the offhand slot.
  • Shulker boxes now open under top-half slab blocks.
  • Horse, mules, and donkeys now take damage from cacti while mounted.
  • Shulkers now get damaged by & teleport away/out of fire & lava.
  • Zombies suffocate again.
  • Spawn eggs renamed in an anvil now respect special names when spawning mobs.
  • Players can again shoot at a mob less than 5 blocks away.
  • The player can now shoot themselves with a bow and arrow.
    • And can also splash themselves with potions.
  • Players no longer suffocate while riding horses underneath blocks that aren't actually suffocating the player.
  • Fixed a few bugs regarding horses suffocating & taking damage when they shouldn't be doing either.
  • The player can again exit the Exit World menu with the esc key.


Video made by slicedlime: