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    •  AttributeModifiers: Contains Attribute Modifiers on this item which modify Attributes of the wearer or holder (if the item is not in the hand or armor slots, it has no effect).
      • : A single Attribute Modifier.
        •  AttributeName: The name of the Attribute this Modifier is to act upon.
        •  Name: Name of the Modifier
        •  Slot: Slot the item must be in for the modifier to take effect. "mainhand", "offhand", "feet", "legs", "chest", or "head".
        •  Operation: Modifier Operation. See Attribute Modifiers for info.
        •  Amount: Amount of change from the modifier.
        •  UUIDMost: Uppermost bits of the modifier's UUID.
        •  UUIDLeast: Lowermost bits of the modifier's UUID.