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The player is the main controlled character in Minecraft. The nine default player skins are known as Steve, Alex, Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe with all unchanged skins being split between these nine skins.


There are nine default player skins, known as Steve, Alex, Noor, Sunny, Ari, Zuri, Makena, Kai, and Efe, assigned to each player based on their account ID if they do not use a custom skin.


  • Short dark brown hair.
  • Dark skin.
  • Dark brown nose and a beard.
  • White eyes with blue-purple pupils.
  • 4 pixel "wide" arms.
  • Plain cyan T-shirt hanging down untucked on the left-hand side.
  • Blue jeans.
  • Gray shoes.


  • Long, bright orange hair hanging down on their left shoulder.
  • Pale fair skin.
  • White eyes with dark green pupils.
  • Pinkish lips.
  • 3 pixel "slim" arms.
  • Plain light green short-sleeved tunic with a dark green belt.
  • Brown trousers.
  • Grayish boots.


  • Long, brown dreadlocks hanging down both of their shoulders.
  • Reddish brown skin.
  • White eyes with brown pupils.
  • Brown lips.
  • Red jacket overlaying a black shirt.
  • Baggy green pants.
  • Dark brown shoes.


  • Short black hair with a fade.
  • Warm skin.
  • Brown lips.
  • White eyes with black pupils.
  • Green flannel button-up underneath blue overalls.
  • Prosthetic left arm.
  • Black and white shoes.


  • Long warm brown braided hair hanging down on their right shoulder.
  • Peach skin.
  • Blushing cheeks.
  • Orangish yellow tunic.
  • Teal jeans with a brown belt.
  • Gray shoes.


  • Short black, fuzzy hair.
  • Lighter dark skin.
  • White eyes with dark brown pupils.
  • Visible cheekbones.
  • Cordovan lips.
  • Red polo shirt with white edges.
  • Light brown trousers with a brown belt.
  • Black shoes.


  • Long brown hair hanging down on their right shoulder.
  • Dark skin.
  • White eyes with brown pupils.
  • Visible cheekbones.
  • Brown lips.
  • Yellow sweater.
  • Light red pants.
  • Black and white shoes.


  • Long blonde hair in a ponytail.
  • Warm skin.
  • White eyes with muted green pupils.
  • Brown lips.
  • Dark purple and lavender jacket.
  • Black dress.
  • Magenta belt.
  • Rosewood sandals with white socks.


  • Short lavender hair.
  • Light brown skin.
  • White eyes with garnet pupils.
  • Visible cheekbones.
  • Gold earring on left ear.
  • Gold bracelet on right arm.
  • Bluish white cardigan with black blouse.
  • Dark purple pants with black belt and golden belt buckle.
  • Black boots with golden trimming.

The player's skin can be changed. The nine default skins also have "classic" and "slim" shapes.

The player's appearance is commonly obscured by equipped armor such as turtle shells, as well as other equipable items such as elytra, carved pumpkins, and heads. Players are also the only entity capable of having capes, as well as deadmau5 ears, depending on the account.

In Java Edition, if shot with an arrow or stung by a bee, the arrow/stinger will appear physically embedded inside of the player for a given time. These do not apply to other mobs.

Unlike their Java Edition counterparts, Bedrock Edition players periodically blink; this feature does not apply to custom skin models.


  • Contents of their inventory and armor unless /gamerule keepInventory has been set to true.
  • Current XP points minus current XP level times 7, capped at a total of 100 XP points. If /gamerule keepInventory has been set to true, no XP will be dropped.

Differences between editions[]

Java Edition[]

In Java Edition, the player can choose from Steve, Alex, Ari, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny, or Zuri. These nine models can be customized by downloading free skins from trusted websites or by using an editing program, but in the demo or when playing offline, the game randomly chooses any of the nine skins as the current skin.

Bedrock Edition[]

In Bedrock Edition, the player can choose between Steve, Alex, Ari, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny, or Zuri in-game, which sets both the skin and the model for custom skins. However, Bedrock Edition also allows the usage of skin packs, each of which has a selection of free skins. On Windows and mobile devices, skins can also be imported from a PNG file. Some skins can be purchased as DLC. Bedrock Edition also features a skin creation system with purchasable apparel and features. Java Edition versions of the nine skins are automatically available for free in Bedrock Edition.


An in-game screenshot showing a red circle around other player which indicates the user's attack reach of a spherical area of three blocks.

The attack reach area of 3 blocks is indicated by the red circle.

A player has two kinds of reach. The area forms a three-dimensional cylinder because it encompasses vertical and horizontal distances:[1]

  • The attack reach, which is 3 blocks
  • The building reach, which is 4.5 blocks

Health and hunger meters[]

Main articles: Health and Damage

The player has 10 full hearts or 20 health points. One full heart represents two health points. When the player's hunger bar is at 18 (🍗 × 9) or higher, health slowly regenerates by 1♥ every four seconds, but when it is at 20 (🍗 × 10) with saturation remaining, health regenerates by 1♥ every half second. The hunger bar depletes faster from energy-intensive activities like sprinting, jumping, attacking mobs, and mining, and it can be refilled by eating food. If the hunger bar is at 17 (🍗 × 8.5) or lower, the player does not regenerate health unless in Peaceful difficulty (or under the effect of certain potions). While the hunger bar is at 0 (🍗), the player is starving and proceeds to lose health. On Hard difficulty, starvation kills the player. On Normal difficulty, it brings health down to 1♥. On Easy difficulty, it brings health down to 10♥♥♥♥♥. On Peaceful difficulty, the health bar recovers regardless of hunger, but still depletes from starvation damage, and the hunger bar does not lose any points even when under the effect of hunger.

Respawn immunity[]

The player does not take damage for 60 game ticks (3 seconds) upon respawning from death.


Movement Mode Speed (m/s) Speed (km/h) % of Walking Speed
Walking 4.317 15.54 100%
Sprinting 5.612 20.20 130%
Sneaking/Crawling 1.295 4.663 30%
Flying 10.889 39.2 252%
Sprint Flying 21.778 78.4 504%
Falling (terminal velocity) 78.4 282.24 1816%

There isn't a simple hard-coded maximum velocity for walking, sprinting, etc. The maximum is a result of a base acceleration countered by "friction" or air resistance. The base acceleration for walking is 0.098, and sprinting is 30% faster than that. Velocity is increased by this acceleration value every tick (1/20th of a second), then the player is moved by the resulting velocity, then the velocity is multiplied by the friction value of the block they are walking on. For most blocks, the friction value is 0.546. As the player walks forward, each tick their velocity goes +0.098, *0.546, +.098, *0.546, +0.098, and so on. The result is that eventually, the 0.546 multiplier counteracts the 0.098 increase, so the player doesn't go any faster. The formula for this "terminal velocity" is a/(1-r), where a is the acceleration, and r is the block's friction. 0.098/(1-0.546) ≈ 0.2159 meters/tick = 4.317 meters/second. Sprinting is 30% faster than that; About 5.612 meters/second. Flying is similar, but the base acceleration is 0.49 and the "friction" is 0.91, which comes out to ~10.89 m/s.

The player walks at a nominal rate of 4.317 meters (blocks) per second. That's about 15.5 kph or 9.7 mph, which is a 3:51 kilometer or a 6:12 mile. This means that the player can walk a total of 5181 blocks (5.2 km) in one Minecraft day, if walking in a straight line, ignoring hunger, and not sprinting or sneaking. For sneaking and sprinting statistics, see below.


The player can sprint, draining the hunger bar considerably while doing so. The player sprints approximately 5.612 blocks per second, as opposed to the regular pace of 4.317. That's 20.2 kph or 12.6 mph, which is a 2:58 km or a 4:46 mile. The player can usually jump four blocks horizontally when sprinting, although they can jump five blocks with a correctly timed jump and enough momentum. The swiftness effect increases momentum. The player cannot sprint if the hunger bar is at 6 (🍗🍗🍗) or less. Sprinting is activated by double-tapping the forward key (default W), then holding it, or by holding the sprint key (Ctrl [⌘ Cmd if using a Mac] by default) while pressing the forward key. Holding the sprint key in Creative mode while flying causes the player to fly faster.


Sneaking is a feature activated by pressing and holding the sneak key (default is ⇧ Shift). Sneaking prevents players from falling more than half a block, making it highly useful for building horizontally outward over space. Going past the edge of a block and stopping sneaking does not result in falling off that block. The player can still dismount blocks while sneaking by jumping over the block's edge. In Multiplayer Mode, a player's name tag will be grayed out in Java Edition or completely disappears in Bedrock Edition when they sneak, to relate to the fact that sneaking will make them harder to see.


The maximum height a player can jump without the jump boost effect is about 1.2522 blocks (1 14 blocks) in Java Edition. The jump height on Bedrock Edition is shorter because the game uses an outdated, pre-Combat Update value of 1.1875 (1 316 blocks).


Swimming occurs when the player is sprinting (by double pressing W or pressing Ctrl/Cmd) while the player is submerged underwater. Swimming has the same animation as crawling.


Main article: Crawling

Crawling occurs when the player is in an area less than 1.5 blocks high and prevents suffocation.‌[Java Edition only] Crawling will also work in Bedrock Edition if the player goes from swimming into a one-block-high area straight after exiting the water.

Gameplay HUD[]

The onscreen heads-up display (HUD) consists of the player's health bar, hunger bar, experience bar, and hotbar. The armor rating bar appears above the health bar if the player is wearing armor and the oxygen bar appears if the player is submerged in water or is suffocating in a block. The HUD also contains the crosshair and a held object or fist. The HUD can also be toggled by F1.

As mentioned in the Gamemodes section, if the player is in Creative mode the health, hunger, and experience bars including armor rating and oxygen bubbles are hidden and only the hotbar is visible. Despite this, the player can still collect experience, wear armor, and will still display the screen tilting animation when dying from /kill or the void. In Spectator mode even the hotbar, crosshair, and held object/fist are hidden and the hotbar only appears as a player spectating list when a number is pressed or the mouse is scrolled.


Main article: Experience

Experience points (XP) can be gained via experience orbs when killing mobs or mining certain minerals. The current level is indicated by a green number above the HUD, and the experience points can be used to enchant weapons, tools, or armor with different useful attributes and skills (see enchanting table.) Anvils require experience to use.

The level increases by obtaining enough experience points. All levels and points are lost upon death but can be partially restored by picking up the experience orbs at the place of death.[2]

Experience is also obtained through activities such as mining, fishing, mob breeding, killing certain mobs, trading, or smelting.

Game modes[]

  • In Survival mode, the player can place and destroy most blocks, and use all tools available. The player has limited health (♥ icons), hunger (🍗 icons), and oxygen (bubble icons)
  • In Creative mode, the player can fly by double-tapping the jump key (default Space) and place an infinite number of blocks, but with limited use of crafting and tools. No mobs will attack the player. The player cannot take damage (at all in Bedrock Edition, and in Java Edition only when falling into the Void or typing the command /kill), has no hunger and has unlimited oxygen, and breaking blocks is instantaneous.
  • In Hardcore mode‌[Java Edition only], the player can respawn only in Spectator mode, and the difficulty level is locked on Hard mode.
  • In Adventure mode, there are no changes from Survival mode aside from being unable to break or place blocks unless they possess a tool with the CanDestroy NBT data tag for that block, or have a block with the CanPlaceOn tag. This game mode can be played only by having cheats enabled and typing the command /gamemode adventure, /gamemode a[Bedrock Edition only], /gamemode 2[Bedrock Edition only], or by opening a multiplayer (including LAN) world.
  • In Spectator mode, the player can spectate almost all mobs, ride them as if the player were in a minecart, fly through blocks, and open inventories, but cannot break blocks or change inventories. Along with Adventure, it can be accessed by typing in /gamemode spectator, pressing F3+F4 until Spectator mode (the eye of ender) is selected or F3+N while cheats are enabled, or dying in Hardcore mode. However, with the Debug Mode world type, the gamemode is locked as Spectator mode unless changed with cheats enabled.


Players in-game are referred to by a username. These are used to target the player with commands and differentiate other players.

In Java Edition, usernames must be 3–16 characters, although there are exceptions for players with under 3 characters, who bought the game early in its development. There are four people who have done this, their usernames being "G", "F", "X", and "8". Players can change their username no more than once every 30 days. When the player changes their username, the previous username is available for other users to claim after 37 days. Because players can change usernames every 30 days, a player can manage two usernames without anyone being able to take either of them. If the player has a username under 3 characters and changes it, the old sub-3-character username is permanently unable to be obtained again.[3] This also applies for symbol names.[4] The username can be changed on the preferences page of minecraft.net.

In Bedrock Edition, usernames chosen in-game must be 3–32 characters. Users can choose a username and change it unlimited times from Settings -> General -> Profile. Alternatively, users that sign in with a Microsoft account will have the username set to match their Gamertag. Gamertags can be modified on the Choose your new gamertag page of xbox.com for a fee of US$9.99 except if changing from the gamertag generated upon account creation.[5]

Player names appear above their head as nameplates, typically in white letters within a dark transparent rectangle. Player nameplates can also be seen through solid blocks and other obstructions, although a player can sneak to dim the nameplate's visibility when in sight, or hide it completely when out of sight or in Bedrock Edition.


Player size comparison

The player height options in Bedrock Edition.

Main articles: Skin and Character Creator

In Java Edition, players can change skins on the preferences page of minecraft.net or the Minecraft Launcher by uploading a PNG image file, which then replaces the default skin. Players also have the option to have three or four pixel-wide arms on the character model.

In Bedrock Edition, players can change their character's appearance from the Main menu or Pause menu -> Character where 5 character slots are shown. Edit Character will open the Character Creator where a skin, which synchronizes between signed-in devices, can be created by selecting pre-made components, altering their height, and selecting a slim or wide arm width. Players alternatively have the option to select from Classic skins within Skin packs obtained from the Marketplace or, for the Windows 10, iOS/iPadOS, and Android versions of the game, import a PNG image file. Classic Skins will not synchronize between signed-in devices.
Players can also choose 6 Emotes per character slot and select or remove a cape.


Java Edition:
Players use the Players sound category for entity-dependent sound events.

SoundSubtitlesSourceDescriptionResource locationTranslation keyVolumePitchAttenuation
EatingPlayersWhile a player is eating somethingentity.generic.eatsubtitles.entity.generic.eatvaries [sound 1]0.8-1.216
SippingPlayersWhile a player is drinking somethingentity.generic.drinksubtitles.entity.generic.drink0.50.9-1.016
GulpingPlayersWhile a player is drinking a honey bottleitem.honey_bottle.drinksubtitles.item.honey_bottle.drink0.5varies [sound 2]16
EatingFriendly CreaturesWhen a player finishes eating somethingentity.generic.eatsubtitles.entity.generic.eat1.00.6-1.416
BurpPlayersWhen a player finishes eating or drinkingentity.player.burpsubtitles.entity.player.burp0.50.9-1.016
Strong attackPlayersWhen a player deals an attack that does not trigger any other attack soundsentity.player.attack.strongsubtitles.entity.player.attack.strongvaries [sound 3]1.016
Critical attackPlayersWhen a player deals a critical hitentity.player.attack.critsubtitles.entity.player.attack.crit0.71.016
Knockback attackPlayersWhen a player deals a sprinting attackentity.player.attack.knockbacksubtitles.entity.player.attack.knockback0.71.016
Sweeping attackPlayersWhen a player deals a sweep attackentity.player.attack.sweepsubtitles.entity.player.attack.sweep0.71.016
Weak attackPlayersWhen a player deals an attack with no damageentity.player.attack.nodamagesubtitles.entity.player.attack.weak0.71.016
Weak attackPlayersWhen a player attempts to attack without sufficient cooldownentity.player.attack.weaksubtitles.entity.player.attack.weak0.71.016
Player dingsPlayersWhen a player levels up to a multiple of 5 [sound 4]entity.player.levelupsubtitles.entity.player.levelup0.75 [sound 5]1.016
Player diesPlayersWhen a player diesentity.player.deathsubtitles.entity.player.death1.00.8-1.216
Player hurtsPlayersWhen a player is damaged from a generic sourceentity.player.hurtsubtitles.entity.player.hurt1.00.8-1.216
Player drowningPlayersWhen a player is damaged by running out of breathentity.player.hurt_drownsubtitles.entity.player.hurt_drown1.00.8-1.216
Player burnsPlayersWhen a player is damaged by fireentity.player.hurt_on_firesubtitles.entity.player.hurt_on_fire1.00.8-1.216
Player freezesBlocksWhen a player is damaged by freezing in powder snowentity.player.hurt_freezesubtitles.entity.player.freeze_hurt1.00.8-1.216
Player hurtsPlayersWhen a player is damaged by touching a sweet berry bushentity.player.hurt_sweet_berry_bushsubtitles.entity.player.hurt1.00.8-1.216
Something tripsPlayersWhen a player falls from 4 to 7 blocks high in Survival or Adventure modeentity.player.small_fallsubtitles.entity.generic.small_fall1.01.016
Something fellPlayersWhen a player falls from 8 or more blocks high in Survival or Adventure modeentity.player.big_fallsubtitles.entity.generic.big_fall1.01.016
SplashingPlayersWhen a player enters water at low speed [sound 6]entity.player.splashsubtitles.entity.generic.splash0.0-0.25 [sound 7]0.6-1.416
SplashingPlayersWhen a player enters water at high speed [sound 6]entity.player.splash_high_speedsubtitles.entity.generic.splash0.25-1.0 [sound 7]0.6-1.416
SwimmingPlayersWhile a player is moving through waterentity.player.swimsubtitles.entity.generic.swim0.0-1.0 [sound 7]0.6-1.416
None[sound 8]NoneUnused sound event[sound 9]entity.player.breathNone[sound 8]NoneNoneNone
  1. Can be 0.5, 1.0, or 1.5
  2. 0.9-1.0 for drink_honey1 and drink_honey2, 0.315-0.35 for drink_honey3, and 0.675-0.75 for the second copy of drink_honey3
  3. 0.6 for strong1 through strong4, and 0.7 for strong5 and strong6
  4. And more than five seconds have passed since the last time this sound played
  5. Is 0.75 for all levels over 30, and is When below 30
  6. a b The player's momentum, with the horizontal axes' velocity multiplied by 0.2, compared to 0.25
  7. a b c The player's momentum, with the horizontal axes' velocities multiplied by 0.2 (capped at 1.0)
  8. a b No bug reports have been made for this case, however given the resolution of most others the lack of a subtitle is implied to be intentional
  9. MC-185414

Bedrock Edition:

SoundSourceDescriptionResource locationVolumePitch
PlayersWhile a player is eating somethingrandom.eat0.5-1.10.8-1.2
PlayersWhile a player is drinking somethingrandom.drink0.350.9-1.1
PlayersWhile a player is drinking a honey bottlerandom.drink_honeyvaries[sound 1]0.9-1.0
PlayersWhen a player finishes eating or drinkingrandom.burp0.50.9-1.0
PlayersWhen a player deals an attack with damagegame.player.attack.strong0.20.8-1.2
PlayersWhen a player deals an attack with no damagegame.player.attack.nodamage0.20.8-1.2
PlayersWhen a player reaches a level multiple of 5random.levelup1.01.0
PlayersWhen a player diesgame.player.die1.00.8-1.2
PlayersWhen a player is damaged from a generic sourcegame.player.hurt1.00.8-1.2
PlayersWhen a player is damaged by running out of breathmob.player.hurt_drown1.01.0
PlayersWhen a player is damaged by firemob.player.hurt_on_fire1.01.0
PlayersWhen a player is damaged by freezing in powder snowmob.player.hurt_freeze1.01.0
PlayersWhen a player falls from 4 to 7 blocks high in Survival or Adventure modedamage.fallsmall0.751.0
PlayersWhen a player falls from 8 or more blocks high in Survival or Adventure modedamage.fallbig0.751.0
PlayersWhen a player enters water[sound 2]random.splash?0.6-1.4
PlayersWhen the player's eye level goes underwater[upcoming: BE 1.20.40]ambient.underwater.enter?1.0
PlayersWhen the player's eye level exits underwater[upcoming: BE 1.20.40]ambient.underwater.exit?1.0
PlayersWhile a player is moving through waterrandom.swim?0.6-1.4
  1. 0.5 for drink_honey1 and drink_honey2, but drink_honey3 is 0.175 or 0.375
  2. MCPE-44120

Data values[]


Java Edition:

NameIdentifierTranslation key

Bedrock Edition:

NameIdentifierNumeric ID Translation key

Entity data[]

Main article: player.dat format
See also: Chunk format

Players have entity data associated with them that contain various properties.

  • The root tag. In level.dat files, this tag is called "Player".
    • Tags for all entities, except the id, CustomName and CustomNameVisible
    • Tags common to all entities
    • Tags for all mobs, except HandItems, ArmorItems, HandDropChances, ArmorDropChances, CanPickUpLoot, PersistenceRequired and Leash
    • Tags common to all mobs
    •  abilities: The abilities this player has.
      •  flying: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the player is currently flying.
      •  flySpeed: The flying speed, always 0.05.
      •  instabuild: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the player can instantly destroy blocks. This is true for Creative mode, and false for other game modes.
      •  invulnerable: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the player is immune to all damage and harmful effects except for void damage (damage caused by the /kill command is void damage). This also makes all mobs, whether hostile or not, passive to the player. This is true for Creative and Spectator modes, and false for Survival and Adventure modes.
      •  mayBuild: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the player can place and destroy blocks. This is true for Creative and Survival modes, and false for Spectator and Adventure modes.
      •  mayfly: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the player can fly. This is true for Creative and Spectator modes, and false for Survival and Adventure modes.
      •  walkSpeed: The walking speed, always 0.1.
    •  DataVersion: Version of the player NBT structure. Is increased with every new snapshot and release.
    •  Dimension: The ID of the dimension the player is in. Used to store the players last known location along with Pos.
    •  EnderItems: Each compound tag in this list is an item in the player's 27-slot ender chest inventory. (Note: when empty, list type may have unexpected value.)
      • An item in the inventory, includes the Slot tag - slots are numbered 0 to 26, inclusive.
    •  enteredNetherPosition: Optional. The Overworld position from which the player entered the Nether, for use with the minecraft:nether_travel advancement trigger. The tag is set every time the player passes through a portal from the Overworld to the Nether. When entering a dimension other than the nether by not respawning, the tag is removed. Entering the Nether without using a portal does not update the tag.
      •  x: The X coordinate.
      •  y: The Y coordinate.
      •  z: The Z coordinate.
    •  foodExhaustionLevel: See Hunger.
    •  foodLevel: The value of the hunger bar; 20 is full. See Hunger.
    •  foodSaturationLevel: See Hunger.
    •  foodTickTimer: See Hunger.
    •  Inventory: Each compound tag in this list is an item in the player's inventory. (Note: when empty, list type may have unexpected value.)
    •  LastDeathLocation: May not exist. Location of the player's last death.
      •  dimension: Dimension of last death.
      •  pos: Coordinates of last death.
    •  playerGameType: The game mode of the player. 0 is Survival, 1 is Creative, 2 is Adventure and 3 is Spectator.
    •  previousPlayerGameType: The previous game mode of the player.
    •  recipeBook: Contains a JSON object detailing recipes the player has unlocked.
    •  RootVehicle: The root entity that the player is riding. Optional.
      •  Attach: The UUID of the entity the player is riding, stored as four ints.
      •  Entity: The NBT data of the root vehicle.
    •  Score: The Score displayed upon death.
    •  seenCredits: 1 or 0 (true/false) - true if the player has entered the exit portal in the End at least once.
    •  SelectedItem: Data of the item currently being held by the player, excluding the Slot tag. Only exists when using the /data command, this value is not saved in the player.dat format.
    •  SelectedItemSlot: The selected hotbar slot of the player.
    •  ShoulderEntityLeft: The entity that is on the player's left shoulder. Always displays as a parrot.
    •  ShoulderEntityRight: The entity that is on the player's right shoulder. Always displays as a parrot.
    •  SleepTimer: The number of ticks the player had been in bed. 0 when the player is not sleeping. In bed, increases up to 100, then stops. Skips the night after all players in bed have reached 100. When getting out of bed, instantly changes to 100 and then increases for another 9 ticks (up to 109) before returning to 0.
    •  SpawnDimension: May not exist. The dimension of the player's bed or respawn anchor. These tags are only removed if the player attempts to respawn with no valid bed or respawn anchor to spawn at at these coordinates. They are unaffected by breaking a bed or respawn anchor at these coordinates, and are unaffected by the player's death.
    •  SpawnForced: 1 or 0 (true/false) - may not exist. True if the player should spawn at the below coordinates even if no bed can be found.
    •  SpawnX: See below.
    •  SpawnY: May not exist. The coordinates of the player's bed or respawn anchor. These tags are only removed if the player attempts to respawn with no valid bed or respawn anchor to spawn at at these coordinates. They are unaffected by breaking a bed or respawn anchor at these coordinates, and are unaffected by the player's death.
    •  SpawnZ: See above.
    •  warden_spawn_tracker: Contains data about the warden spawning process for this player.
      •  cooldown_ticks: The number of ticks before the warning_level can be increased again. Decreases by 1 every tick. It is set to 200 game ticks (10 seconds) every time the warning level is increased.
      •  ticks_since_last_warning: The number of ticks since the player was warned for warden spawning. Increases by 1 every tick. After 12000 game ticks (10 minutes) it will be set back to 0, and the warning_level will be decreased by 1.
      •  warning_level: A warning level between 0 and 3 (inclusive). The warden will spawn at level 3.
    •  XpLevel: The level shown on the XP bar.
    •  XpP: The progress/percent across the XP bar to the next level.
    •  XpSeed: The seed used for the next enchantment in enchantment tables.
    •  XpTotal: The total amount of XP the player has collected over time; used for the Score upon death.


This article is missing information about when the players were given the new model and when this texture (render) was used. 
Please expand the article to include this information. Further details may exist on the talk page.
Java Edition pre-Classic
Cave game tech testThe player currently has no visible model. Their hitbox is 1.7 blocks tall.
rd-132328Steve JE1 Mobs were added with their skin and model ported from Zombie Town. These are later used for the player.
Java Edition Classic
0.0.15a (Multiplayer Test 1)Steve JE1 Added the player model for the newly introduced multiplayer mode. Its model and texture are both taken from the mob.
0.24_SURVIVAL_TESTSteve JE5 The texture was changed.
0.28Steve The texture was changed, once again.
December 19, 2009Player shadow test.
Java Edition Infdev
20100227-1Players logged in as Notch now drop an apple upon death.
20100327The player now drops their inventory and respawns at the spawn location upon death, rather than having to reload the last save.
Java Edition Alpha
v1.0.4The player can jump only two blocks horizontally, instead of three.
v1.0.6Held items now appear in third person.
v1.0.9Before this version, the walking animation for the player was different; players swung their arms wildly to their sides while walking.[6]
v1.1.1Added ability to sneak with ⇧ Shift by default.
Java Edition Beta
1.5Unarmed damage was increased from 1♥ to 2♥.
1.8Pre-releaseThe player now has an experience and hunger bar.
The player can now jump four blocks horizontally by sprinting.
Unarmed damage was decreased from 2♥ to 1♥.
Java Edition
1.0.0RC1Changed the sounds the player makes. Any physical damage plays a "tick" sound, and damage from falling would play sounds like bones breaking.
Before this version, when the player was damaged, they would make a deep "Ooh!" sound that represented the player's response when hurt. However, this sound suggested that the player was male, which was not consistent with/representative of female player skins, so Mojang changed the sound to make it more gender-neutral.
1.3.112w18aAn apple is no longer dropped when logged in as Notch.
1.4.212w38aChanged hurt sounds for player.
1.8pre1Alex Added a new player model with smaller arms, and a new default player skin named Alex.
February 4, 2015Players can now change usernames.
1.915w42aPlayer's hitbox (usually 1.8 blocks tall) is now shorter (1.65m) when crouching, is a 0.6-block cube when gliding with elytra, and is a 0.2-block cube while laying in bed.
15w45aJump height increased from 1 316 blocks to 1 14 blocks.
1.1116w32aChanged entity ID from Player to player.
1.1318w07aAdded the ability to sprint while in water, which causes the player to dive to the ground and swim much faster.
18w15aSprinting at the surface of water no longer makes the player swim, instead the player stays at the same altitude constantly.
Swimming through 1 block holes is now possible.[7]
1.1419w12aThe player's hitbox height while sneaking is now 1.5 blocks instead of 1.65.
19w14aThe player now crawls when they are in a space less than 1.5 blocks tall.
August 20, 2022Steve (classic) JE5Steve (slim) JE1Alex (slim) JE2Alex (classic) JE1 New skin textures for Steve and Alex were added in the Minecraft Launcher beta, including classic and slim versions.
1.19.322w45aIntegrated player skin now stored separately by wide and slim model.
Steve (classic) JE6Alex (slim) JE3 Updated intergrated skins of Steve and Alex.
Ari (classic) JE1 Efe (classic) JE1 Kai (classic) JE1 Makena (classic) JE1 Noor (classic) JE1 Sunny (classic) JE1 Zuri (classic) JE1
Ari (slim) JE1 Efe (slim) JE1 Kai (slim) JE1 Makena (slim) JE1 Noor (slim) JE1 Sunny (slim) JE1 Zuri (slim) JE1 Intergrated 7 new skins: Ari, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny and Zuri.
The 7 new skins can be assigned to offline players now.
Upcoming Java Edition
Combat TestsCombat Test 5Players now get knockback from hits that deal less than half a heart of damage, including no damage.
Pocket Edition Alpha
Pre-releaseSteve Added the player.
v0.8.0build 1 The player skin was changed.
v0.10.0build 1The player skin was changed, once again. Removed hole from head bottom.
v0.11.0build 1The player's skin can now be customized.
Alex Added a new player model with smaller arms, and a new default player skin named Alex.
Steve Changed Steve's skin to match Java Edition.
v0.12.1build 10Changed the sounds the player makes. Any physical damage plays a flesh impact sound, and damage from falling would play sounds like bones breaking.
Before this version, when the player was damaged, they would make a deep "ooh!" sound which represented the player's response when hurt. However, this sound suggested that the player was male, so Mojang changed the sound to make it more gender-neutral.
v0.15.2Alex's shoulders lowered a pixel.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta the ability to sprint while in water, which causes the player to dive to the ground and swim much faster.
beta can now swim through 1x1 gaps.
1.5.0beta player swimming at the surface of water.
1.13.0?The player's legs no longer slightly bob when the player is idle or looking around.
beta height is now customizable in 4 different sizes in the Character creator: tall, medium, small, smaller, though have the same hitbox. Also, player eyes (Steve, Alex, and custom Character creator skins) can now blink.
1.14.0beta can now only sprint on top of water instead of being able to swim.
1.18.30beta damage has now been decreased from 2♥ to 1♥ to match Java Edition.
1.19.50beta (classic) JE1 Efe (classic) JE1 Kai (classic) JE1 Makena (classic) JE1 Noor (classic) JE1 Sunny (classic) JE1 Zuri (classic) JE1
Ari (slim) JE1 Efe (slim) JE1 Kai (slim) JE1 Makena (slim) JE1 Noor (slim) JE1 Sunny (slim) JE1 Zuri (slim) JE1 Added 7 new skins: Ari, Efe, Kai, Makena, Noor, Sunny and Zuri.
1.19.70beta player’s hitbox height now reduces to 1.5 blocks while sneaking.
1.19.80beta is now behind the "Short Sneak" experimental toggle.
1.20.10beta "Short Sneak" experimental toggle has been renamed to "Short Sneaking and Crawling".
beta the "Short Sneaking and Crawling" experimental toggle to "Crawling".
Removed the "Short Sneaking" experimental toggle.
Sneaking under 1.5 block gaps is no longer behind experimental gameplay.
1.20.30beta is no longer behind experimental gameplay.
Removed the "Crawling" toggle.
Legacy Console Edition
TU1CU1 1.0 Patch 11.0.1Steve Added the player.
TU3 1.04 Added skin packs.
TU24CU12 1.16 Alex Added the Alex skin.


Historical sounds[]

Sound Added in Removed in Volume Pitch Attenuation Distance
Hurt ? Java Edition 1.0.0 (RC1)
Pocket Edition v0.12.1 alpha (build 10)
1.0 0.8-1.2 16
Hurt flesh Java Edition 1.0.0 (RC1) Java Edition 1.4.2 (12w32a) 1.0 0.8-1.2 16
Landing from a small fall 1.0 1.0 16
Landing from a big fall 1.0 1.0 16


  • Steve was first named via his appearance in Super Meat Boy by Notch as a joke[8][9][10] but later confirmed in the "change skin" menu on minecraft.net, in-game as the default name in Bedrock Edition, and his name in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Prior to this, the player was nameless.
  • Prior to returning to the game in Java Edition 1.19.3, Steve's beard remained depicted in promotional material and merchandise throughout its thirteen year absence.
  • The original Steve skin and player model was originally created for another one of Notch's games called Zombie Town.
  • Steve's face was inspired by the player model in Quake.[11]
  • The player's eye level (according to coordinates on the debug screen) is 1.62 meters. Since their eyes are 28 pixels above their feet, leaving 4 pixels above their eyes (0.23m), this makes them 1.85 meters tall and 0.925 meters wide. However, the player's hitbox is 1.8m tall and 0.6m wide, the hitbox of a crouching player is 1.5m tall‌[Java Edition only], and the hitbox of a player gliding with elytra or swimming is 0.6m tall.
  • The July–August 2016 issue of Lego Club Magazine mentioned that Steve is Alex's boyfriend. It is also mentioned that Steve is a miner, builder, and alchemist, while Alex is a builder, explorer, and hunter.
  • In Minecraft: Pocket Edition Lite, the name of the player was "Stevie" instead of "Steve".
  • The Alex skin is implied to be female in the description of a video from Minecraft's official YouTube channel, though never said outright through the use of pronouns or other methods.[12]
    • The official Minecraft Instagram account has used gendered pronouns to describe Steve and Alex occasionally.[13][14]
    • In the moveset explanation video regarding their inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mr. Sakurai Presents "Steve & Alex", the English subtitles referred to Steve and Alex with male and female pronouns respectively, although because Japanese omits pronouns, Masahiro Sakurai didn't use any gender pronouns to refer to them.[15]
    • The audio description for the Caves & Cliffs: Part I trailer also refers to Steve and Alex as a "(bearded) man" and "woman" respectively.
  • The player's legs do not line up perfectly with the torso to prevent z-fighting when wearing armor.[16]
  • in Bedrock Edition, a dead player can still collect experience orbs near their death location until they choose to respawn.
  • Before Java Edition 1.14, the camera was located at the player's feet; the world is therefore rendered 1.8 blocks below what it should be at to counteract this.[17]
    • Likewise, when the player slept in a bed, the world revolved around the player during the animation instead of the player's camera rotating, which led to some visual bugs.[18]
  • In the Minecraft Launcher beta version 2.3.376, the designs of the default skins were updated, 8 years after the Alex skin was first introduced.[19] The new skins have a second layer that resemble sleeve folds, and they were changed to look more similar to their Minecraft Dungeons counterparts.


  • Steve is featured as a Micro Mob along with a creeper in the LEGO set 21102 LEGO Minecraft Micro World, as well as a Minifigure (along with Alex and many other skins) in several other LEGO Minecraft sets.
  • Steve is an unlockable character named "Mr. Minecraft" in the Steam version of Super Meat Boy. The character has a shorter jump height than other characters but can mine squares from the level and place them as platforms.
  • Steve's head is an unlockable helmet in the Xbox Arcade game, Hybrid.
  • Steve's head is a wearable item in Borderlands 2.
  • Steve's head is a wearable hat in DinoRun SE and Transformice.
  • Steve is a playable character in Retro City Rampage.
  • Steve is a uniform named "Craft Miner" in Saints Row 4.
  • Steve is an unlockable character with a projectile that looks like a stone pickaxe in the game Alone in the Park.
  • Steve is an outfit named "Pitman", wielding an iron pickaxe and able to break barriers, in the flash game Strikeforce Kitty 2.
  • "Mr. Pixel" in Createrria: craft your games has a face similar to Steve's.
  • Steve appears to be an unlockable character in "BowMasters".
  • Steve's head is a wearable hat in "Supreme Duelist Stickman" along with a "pickaxe" weapon that can place blocks such as cobblestone, TNT, and a piston.
  • Steve and Alex are available as downloadable content in the crossover fighting game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, alongside a zombie and an enderman as alternate costumes.



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