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PlayStation Vita Edition

Release date

October 23, 2018



Other instances
of 1.79

1.79 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on October 23, 2018.[1] [edit]


  • Added the "From the Shadows" skin pack.


16 issues fixed
  • MCCE-6812 – Jukebox not playing any music from it
  • MCCE-7304 – Jukeboxes do not work
  • MCCE-7882 – PS3 game crash/world corruption
  • MCCE-7918 – Seagrass not spawning on Rivers and Swamp Lakes
  • MCCE-7923 – Floating mushrooms
  • MCCE-8011 – Water dispenser not working
  • MCCE-8047 – Corrupted file
  • MCCE-8097 – World error in saving it as much as in the end and in the underworld.
  • MCCE-8124 – Waterlogged blocks not working for farmland/sugarcane/corals
  • MCCE-8127 – Dropping an anvil on to a sea pickle crashes the game
  • Fix for Superflat worlds with a large number of transparent blocks and woodland mansions enabled taking 20 minutes to load.
  • Fix for no sound effect being played when the player drops an item or a block.
  • Fix for minecarts with TNT destroying all blocks below it.
  • Fix for dolphins not picking up items and blocks.
  • Fix for save game corruption when exiting without saving in certain circumstances.
  • Fix for music discs not playing in the Blu-Ray version.

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