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PlayStation Vita Edition

Release date

January 30, 2018



Other instances
of 1.66

1.66 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on January 30, 2018.[1] [edit]


  • Added the Moana Character Pack.


  • Enchantment experience costs in Creative mode now match those in Bedrock Edition.
  • Pistons can now move small chests but only if the new position would have been valid for players to place a new chest.
  • Change to explosions so that TNT cannons in mash-up worlds work as they used to.


26 issues fixed
  • MCCE-897 – Chicken in water bug
  • MCCE-2118 – Wither skeleton pathfinding bug
  • MCCE-3553 – Melee weapons can damage players even when PVP is disabled
  • MCCE-3875 – Mobs do not despawn outside the 128-block limit.
  • MCCE-4183 – Ender dragon and end city glitches
  • MCCE-4230 – Dark oak leaves not changing texture in different biomes
  • MCCE-5264 – Shulker boxes cannot be opened by other players when they have permission to open containers
  • MCCE-5364 – Renewable energy achievement obtained a different way
  • MCCE-6179 – When typing in books with a USB keyboard it will not show the text typed
  • MCCE-6376 – Observers wont detect various items
  • MCCE-6462 – Armor stand names not displayed
  • MCCE-6465 – Unable to place vines under torches
  • MCCE-6531 – Placing a bed next to a cactus crashes the game
  • MCCE-6589 – Pistons of both types cant move cauldrons
  • MCCE-6677 – Glide time attack leaderboards not displaying times
  • Fixed a bug where animals are not running away when hit on Peaceful difficulty.
  • Fixed a bug where tamed horses with no items equipped despawn after a player leaves the area.
  • Fixed a bug that was reducing the horizontal distance a horse would travel when jumping.
  • Fixed a bug where a block could not be moved while a sign was attached to it..
  • Fixed a bug where a block could not be moved while a banner was attached to it
  • Fixed a bug where tripwire hooks on the sides of pistons would drop when the piston was extended/retracted.
  • Fixed a bug where comparators would not register chest and trapped chest size changes.
  • Fixed a bug where rails and torches could not be placed on glowstone, sea lanterns, glass or ice.
  • Fixed a bug where flower pots, doors and pumpkins could not be placed on glass.
  • Fixed a bug where redstone, levers and buttons could not be placed on pistons.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow players to open shulker boxes while "Trust Players" and "Can Open Containers" options are disabled.

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