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June 27, 2017



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of 1.52

1.52 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on June 27, 2017.[1] [edit]


Blocks and items[]


World generation[]



  • Mini Game Heroes skin pack
  • 7 new achievements
  • Added Biome Scale Slider, Find Balanced Seed, and Auto-Jump options
  • Added entity cramming
  • New dye crafting tab


Blocks and items[]


  • Creepers with potion effects leave a lingering potion effect when they explode.

World generation[]


  • Reduced the amount of hunger drain player many actions cause, but increased the drain caused by health regeneration.


31 issues fixed
  • MCCE-448 – Falling through half slab when saving and reloading world
  • MCCE-1899 – Squid spawning limit too low
  • MCCE-2479 – It is possible to step up 1 pixel height from grass paths to farmland blocks
  • MCCE-2744 – Fences Attaching to Nether Brick Fences
  • MCCE-2983 – Piston translocation will not work in future versions
  • MCCE-2998 – Slime Block Glitch
  • MCCE-3005 – New mob attacking heart dropping animation not working on PS4
  • MCCE-3165 – Tutorial world bug
  • MCCE-3352 – No trail after shulker projectile on PS4
  • MCCE-3357 – End portals stop appearing after respawned dragon death
  • MCCE-3386 – Game freezes
  • MCCE-3488 – Villager trading broken
  • MCCE-3973 – Donkeys do not spawn
  • MCCE-4518 – Cannot vote for Battle maps on PSVita
  • MCCE-4644 – birch boat texture is broken in Cartoon texture pack
  • MCCE-4663 – Weapon durability shows when interface opacity is low
  • MCCE-4666 – Large chest got stuck open, items went missing
  • MCCE-4715 – Potions firing from dispenser crash.
  • MCCE-4722 – No flight duration on fireworks
  • MCCE-4727 – Textures wrong
  • MCCE-4730 – Piston Decal Bug
  • MCCE-4731 – Shulker box miss colored in Natural texture pack
  • MCCE-4746 – Sleeping with an elytra
  • MCCE-4793 – Loose dual wielded item when you die
  • MCCE-4806 – No option to invert X-axis on the Nintendo Switch
  • MCCE-4821 – Slime blocks pull glazed terracotta block
  • MCCE-4830 – Ajani skin in Magic: The Gathering skin pack has bugs
  • MCCE-4834 – Skeletons spawn in a 2-block-high space with trapdoors on ceiling
  • MCCE-4840 – Color of shulker box incorrect in Natural texture pack
  • MCCE-4861 – Shulker box broken particles default to the white shulker box texture regardless of the actual color
  • MCCE-4910 – Shulker boxes on Natural texture pack issue

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