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January 31, 2017



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of 1.41

1.41 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on January 31, 2017.[1] [edit]


  • Added new 11 achievements for Survival.
  • Added new 7 achievements for Tumble.
  • Added a particle effect and sound effect when a mob spawner fails to spawn due to spawn limits.
  • Added chance of melon, pumpkin and beetroot seeds and jungle saplings spawning in the bonus chest.


  • Minor changes to Battle mini game maps to close off areas that should not be accessible.
  • Improvements to frame rate when throwing a lot of lingering potions.
  • Re-entering a tutorial area while the playing the tutorial will reset the chests.


108 issues fixed
  • MCCE-1429 – Hostile mobs do not fight back.
  • MCCE-1613 – Item frames not dropping/glitching when dropping
  • MCCE-1703 – Mob Overload
  • MCCE-1819 – Torches in villages broken
  • MCCE-1847 – Graphics issue
  • MCCE-1945 – Breaking Annimation
  • MCCE-1952 – Set World Spawn Restriction
  • MCCE-2102 – Lighting Glitch - Invisible Light Source
  • MCCE-2256 – Recent Title Update Ender Portal Glitch
  • MCCE-2275 – Rain particles leak through solid objects
  • MCCE-2362 – T flip flop bug
  • MCCE-2514 – Mossy Stone Brick crafting glitch
  • MCCE-2582 – Can only create 1 Mossy Stone Brick at a time
  • MCCE-2596 – Frosted Ice is obtainable
  • MCCE-2708 – Key
  • MCCE-2745 – Ice not melting
  • MCCE-2795 – Water auto jump bug
  • MCCE-2841 – Dead Buses dont drop sticks
  • MCCE-2845 – The enchantment tabs, i.e. the ones with the galactic alphabet on, don't highlight when sufficient levels are had by the player
  • MCCE-2854 – End gateway spawning issue
  • MCCE-2866 – Iron Bars/Glass Panes Old Hitboxes
  • MCCE-2878 – Wither skeleton only 2 blocks high
  • MCCE-2892 – XB1: Dispenser and Bottle o Enchanting-Fixed in TU48.
  • MCCE-2917 – XB1: Horse glitch into stairs.
  • MCCE-2954 – Horses jump short
  • MCCE-2956 – Beacon and leaves
  • MCCE-2962 – Light shines through half slab
  • MCCE-3000 – dyeing
  • MCCE-3017 – Saving in a boat, player spawns under water
  • MCCE-3025 – XB1: Horse characteristics now the same.
  • MCCE-3062 – Game Crashes planting 4 spruce trees next to each other and trying to use bone meal on them.
  • MCCE-3087 – End is constantly crashing
  • MCCE-3114 – Cross save/transfer worlds
  • MCCE-3134 – tu46 hoppers dont always work
  • MCCE-3174 – villagers glitches through lily pads after update
  • MCCE-3190 – Chickens only drop raw chicken
  • MCCE-3244 – End Gateway system broken
  • MCCE-3295 – Hoppers not collecting dropped items.
  • MCCE-3374 – shulkers and mobs in boats don't work well.
  • MCCE-3424 – Bonus Chest no longer contains seedlings, seeds etc
  • MCCE-3426 – Snow golems get their pumpkin head back
  • MCCE-3447 – Pigmans don't drop´gold nuggets
  • MCCE-3489 – Return End City Gateway breaks as building spawns, can't return.
  • MCCE-3493 – Light-emitting blocks have no effect on the light level of an area.
  • MCCE-3497 – Lighting issue
  • MCCE-3508 – My goldfarm does not work
  • MCCE-3509 – Blazes do not drop yellow dust
  • MCCE-3565 – skeleton horse traps not spawning
  • MCCE-3621 – Ice Blocks able to be placed in nether
  • MCCE-3622 – Blazes don't seem to be drop
  • MCCE-3627 – problèmes de drop !!
  • MCCE-3634 – The jumping of a saddle horse
  • MCCE-3640 – Mob Drop rates seem ususually low
  • MCCE-3643 – Glass rendering
  • MCCE-3648 – Ps3 to ps4 data tranfer
  • MCCE-3650 – Blazes and pigman
  • MCCE-3660 – Glass blocks are messed up
  • MCCE-3681 – Armor Bar Disappears After Switching Dimensions
  • MCCE-3683 – Gaurdians & Polar Bears Not Dropping Cooked Fish When On Fire
  • MCCE-3685 – Wither Skeletons Can Spawn In Two Block High Spaces
  • MCCE-3688 – Blazes not dropping glowstone dust
  • MCCE-3699 – wither skeleton walks through 2 high gaps
  • MCCE-3703 – Chickens dropping raw chicken with fire aspect sword
  • MCCE-3706 – End Dimension is Broken
  • MCCE-3712 – Rabbits Always Drop Rabbit Feet
  • MCCE-3716 – end spawning spatforms
  • MCCE-3717 – jumping out of water
  • MCCE-3719 – Glass through other glass
  • MCCE-3725 – Zombie Pigmen have stopped dropping gold nuggets
  • MCCE-3746 – Glow blocks not shining through leafor blocks
  • MCCE-3748 – Blaze no longer drop Glowstone Dust
  • MCCE-3754 – Nether mob drops
  • MCCE-3774 – No black attack damage hearts around things I hit.
  • MCCE-3786 – Blaze don't drop glowstone dust on xbox one
  • MCCE-3790 – Saddles from pigs
  • MCCE-3801 – can not jump out of flowing water when water kitty corner above
  • MCCE-3811 – Old End saves that have lots of blocks crash when entering (Xbox 360 and One)
  • MCCE-3834 – My game crashes when I enter the End
  • MCCE-3904 – zombie pigmen dont drop gold in overworld
  • MCCE-3909 – lighting
  • MCCE-3917 – Two Boat Bugs
  • MCCE-3946 – Weird Lighting Bug
  • MCCE-3957 – Bonus chest respawning
  • MCCE-3988 – On my worlds on ps3 any zombie/skeleton spawner only lets 7 mobs spawn after tu48
  • MCCE-3993 – Glass does not connect
  • MCCE-3997 – Slow building in creative m
  • Fix for horses not jumping to the correct height.
  • Fix for slab blocks not blocking light.
  • Fix for chickens not dropping cooked chicken when they die on fire.
  • Fix for blazes not dropping glowstone dust when they die.
  • Fixed the drop rate of gold nuggets.
  • Fix for zombie pigmen not dropping gold ingots when they die.
  • Fix for tamed ocelots remaining hostile to anything they were attacking before being tamed.
  • Fix for crash when spawning too many shulkers.
  • Fix for enderman not taking damage from rain while in a boat.
  • Fix for wither skeleton being able to walk through two block high spaces.
  • Fix for lighting issues when digging down in spawn area.
  • Fix for rename record losing its name after being in a jukebox.
  • Fix for a range of tooltips that would appear when the action was not available.
  • Fix for mob spawner error that occurred after using a spawn egg to change what it should spawn.
  • Fixes to End gateway generation.
  • Fix for End spawn location being in the wrong place.
  • Fix for crash when placing a sign on top of tall grass.
  • Fix for end crystals exploding when "TNT Explodes" is disabled.
  • Fix for hoppers not collecting items above them.
  • Fix for frosted ice being obtainable with Silk Touch.

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