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PlayStation Vita Edition

Release date

October 25, 2016



Other instances
of 1.37

1.37 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on October 25, 2016.[1] [edit]


  • Added Halloween Battle Map.
  • Added Campfire Tales Skin Pack.
  • Added Battle Map Pack 4.


34 issues fixed
  • MCCE-46 – Lava leaves shadow bug
  • MCCE-1370 – Villages, temples and witch have disappeared or not spawning since new update
  • MCCE-1593 – Maps in item frames keep changing/ glitching out when next to each other
  • MCCE-1621 – TNT will not hurt the player
  • MCCE-1735 – Water texture flickers when blocks are placed at the water's surface
  • MCCE-1793 – Game crash
  • MCCE-1990 – Potion effects go away when leaving the end
  • MCCE-2420 – Sub account content restriction
  • MCCE-2478 – Oak and iron doors items have wrong texture in the inventory
  • MCCE-2480 – The automatic crafting interface is messed up.
  • MCCE-2486 – Unbreaking enchantment not working properly since update
  • MCCE-2488 – When copying banner it doesn't remove item.
  • MCCE-2504 – Muffled sounds
  • MCCE-2505 – Game lags out when a guardian dies by fall damage
  • MCCE-2507 – Overlapping crafting bug
  • MCCE-2510 – PS3 crashes/hard reboots when quitting game
  • MCCE-2511 – Gray banner name bug
  • MCCE-2516 – Light 'gary' banner
  • MCCE-2519 – Game crashes when trying to quit game
  • MCCE-2521 – Cobwebs unobtainable in survival
  • MCCE-2522 – Cobweb bug
  • MCCE-2534 – Fossils generate incorrectly
  • MCCE-2543 – Glitchy/laggy crafting table
  • MCCE-2597 – In breaking enchantment not taking effect
  • MCCE-2628 – Cannot open chests
  • MCCE-2661 – Game freezes when opening chests
  • Fixes for missing/incorrect tooltips when looking at various blocks and entities.
  • Fix for Endermen not becoming hostile when a player makes eye contact with them.
  • Fix for only one of eight Fossil variants generating per world.
  • Fix for igniting TNT blocks while one is already lit causing them to disappear.
  • Fix for crash that may occur is the Ender Dragon attacks a group of zombies.
  • Stop faster healing due to food saturation in Battle mini game.
  • Updated Battle maps to remove some areas where players could get stuck.

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