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1.13 was a version of PlayStation Vita Edition released on January 23, 2015.[1] [edit]


  • City Texture Pack – daylight sensor changed to look more like a solar panel.


  • Fix for various redstone issues.
  • Fixed a crash when breaking an item frame containing a map.
  • Fixed a crash when a dispenser is dispensing water or lava when the dispenser is blocked.
  • Fix for placing a boat on harmful surfaces causing the game to crash.
  • Updates to horse and other animal de-spawning to take into account saddles, saddle bags, leads, armor and nametags.
  • Fix for stonebrick stairs recipe.
  • Fix for issue where player is able to stay alive with zero hearts in their healthbar.
  • Fixed an issue in the host options menu in adventure mode causing options to be set wrongly.
  • Fix for issue where animals do not stop running after being hit.
  • Fix for issue where destroying planted pumpkin and melon seeds drops an incorrect number of seeds.
  • Librarian villagers now have a small probability of offering nametags for sale.
  • Added a rare probability of spawning skeletons or wither skeletons in the Nether.
  • Brought forward change so that witches naturally spawn, rarely, anywhere that's dark.
  • Fix for issue where wither skeletons stop spawning in the nether when the difficulty is set to easy from peaceful.
  • Changed minecart riding behavior back so that the player turns with the minecart.
  • If mob griefing is turned off, sheep should not change grass blocks when they eat them.
  • Fix for TNT minecart exploding despite 'TNT Explodes' option being turned off.
  • Fix to noteblock fall-off distance so they can be heard further away.
  • Fix for player legs not being rotated correctly when riding.
  • Fix for wolf heal tooltip.
  • Fixed improper tooltip displayed when player is holding a lead and aiming at an aggressive mob.
  • Fix for potion of weakness effect description having incorrect values.
  • Fix for issue where creepers hover off the floor.
  • Fixed issue where name tags do not appear to work correctly on the wither, iron golem and wither skeleton.
  • Fix for player nametags not being colored.
  • Fix for issue where a horse was not rendering while riding it.

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