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PlayStation 4 Edition

Official name

Village & Pillage

Release date

June 3, 2019

1.91 was the final feature update to PlayStation 4 Edition released on June 3, 2019, which added the rest of the Village & Pillage features that were not added in the past three versions.[1]



Barrel JE1 BE1.png Barrel
  • Acts as a storage block similar to chests.
  • Generates in village fisher cottages.
  • Can be opened in a one by one block space unlike chests.
Floor Bell (N) JE4.png Bell
  • Decoration block which produces sound
  • Play a shaking animation and a sound when right-clicked, hit by a projectile, or activated by a redstone signal.
  • Generates in village meeting points.
Blast Furnace JE1 BE1.png Blast Furnace
Campfire JE2 BE2.png Campfires
  • Act as a decorative fireplace without any fire spread.
  • Can cook up to four food items, but slowly (30 seconds).
  • Can be lit or unlit.
  • Acts as smoke signal when placed on top a hay bale.
Cartography Table JE2 BE1.png Cartography Table
  • Found in villages, specifically cartographer houses.
  • Block used for cloning, expanding and locking maps.
  • Maps that are locked can't be modified.
Composter.png Composter
  • Produces bone meal.
    • Using certain items on the composter has a chance to add 1 level of composting to the composter, up to 7 levels. After the composter reaches level 7, it will turn into level 8 which is the harvestable stage, yielding 1 bone meal when used.
    • Some composted items will be consumed without adding a level. The chance a level will be added depends on the quality of the item: larger or crafted items have a higher chance of adding a layer when used (e.g. kelp has a low chance of about 10%, while pumpkin pie has a chance of 100%).
Fletching Table JE2 BE1.png Fletching Table
  • Found inside fletcher houses in villages.
  • Player functionality will be added in a later update.
Grindstone JE1 BE1.png Grindstone
Illager Banner.png Illager Banner
Smithing Table JE2 BE2.png Smithing Table
  • Found inside toolsmith houses in villages.
  • Player functionality will be added in a later update.
Smoker.png Smoker
  • Found in villages, specifically butcher shops.
  • Block used for cooking of foodstuff faster than the traditional furnace.
Stonecutter.gif Stonecutter
  • Found inside mason houses in villages.
  • Used for crafting all stone-related items and blocks.
Sweet Berry Bush Age 3 JE1 BE1.png Sweet berry bushes
  • Found in Taiga biomes and their variants.
  • Can be planted from sweet berries.
  • Have 4 stages of growth: 'sapling', 'no berries', 'some berries', and 'full berries'.
  • Drop 1–2 berries in younger stage, 2–3 in full growth stage.
  • They slow movement of all mobs in all stages of growth.
  • Any mob can stand inside them, but they deal damage similar to a cactus if the mob isn't standing still, as long as the bush has grown past the 'sapling' stage.


Sweet Berries JE1 BE1.png Sweet Berries


Vindicator with Ominous Banner.png Illager captain
Ravager.png Ravagers
  • Large, hostile bull-like creatures equipped with armor and saddles.
  • Very tough.
  • Destroy crops and leaves.
  • Spawn in raids.
Wandering Trader.png Wandering Trader
  • A type of villager that will appear at a village's gathering site periodically and stays for a period of 2–3 in-game days (40–60 minutes of real-life time). This trader offers items from a wide variety of different biomes, random dyes, and other rare materials.
  • Accompanied by two Trader Llamas.

World Generation[]

Bamboo forests
Pillager outpost watchtower.png Pillager outposts
  • Generate in the same biomes as villages, and pillagers will respawn around the tower.


  • Triggered when a player goes to a village with the Bad Omen status effect applied to them.
  • A large group of illagers that come to attack villages and kill the villagers.
  • Mobs appear in waves – the amount of mobs and length of waves is 3 on easy, 5 on normal and 7 on hard.
  • A raid boss bar will show the player how many enemies are left.
  • A sound similar of a battle horn will play during raid waves, centered from raiding mobs.
Illager patrols
  • A group of 2–5 random illagers that spawn in the world.
  • One of the illagers will be a raid captain.
Status effects
  • Added new sounds for lanterns.
  • Revamped the trading system and UI, and added villager restock functionality.


  • Added Expansion Pack 10, which contains six new trophies:
    • Kill the Beast! - Defeat a ravager
    • Buy Low, Sell High - Trade for the best possible price
    • Disenchanted - Use a grindstone to get experience from an enchanted item
    • We're being attacked - Trigger a pillager raid
    • Sound the Alarm! - Ring the bell with a hostile enemy in the village
    • I've got a bad feeling about this - Kill a pillager captain



  • Will now store experience from smelting items when emptied by a hopper.
  • Can now be used to fill and empty composters.
  • Now emits a redstone signal when a page is turned.
  • Increased the amount of scaffolding that can be placed out from its initial support from 4 to 6.


Splash water bottles


  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Now drop special loot if spawned from raids.
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
  • Now drop special loot if spawned from raids.
  • Can now break down doors during raids.
Evokers and vexes
  • No longer attack baby villagers.
Iron golems
  • Now respawn based on the number of beds in the village.
    • One cat spawns for every four beds in the village.
    • Total caps at 10 cats per village.
Snow golems
  • They now take damage when walking over campfires.
  • New villager behavior:
    • Implemented some of the new villager schedule behaviors.
    • Implemented new villager sleep behaviors.
    • Villagers may now wander to the village outskirts.
    • Villagers will attempt to find a door when it rains during the day, but will navigate to their bed at night.
    • Updated and improved pathfinding.
    • Villagers now have a visual based trading system, and will hold up the item they wish to trade.
    • Villagers have new clothing to indicate their level, profession, and biome.
    • Villagers will now mingle together around gathering sites in the village.
    • Librarians will inspect bookshelves.
    • Villagers can switch professions depending on the job site blocks available in the village.
      • Villagers now interact with beds and corresponding job site blocks.
  • Added Mason, green-coated (nitwit), and Unemployed (no-overlay) villager professions.
  • Old villagers in existing worlds will convert to new villagers.
  • Can now restore health by sleeping in beds.
Zombie Villagers
  • Now have new clothes to indicate their biome and profession.
  • Old zombie villagers in a world will convert to new ones.
  • Added new sounds.
Wither Skeletons
  • Added new sounds.

World Generation[]

  • Note on World Generation: In order to deliver the coolest generated villages possible, some world seeds may have villages generate in different areas than they used to before this update
  • Have a new look, differing per biome.
  • Added village job sites and gathering sites.
  • Number of houses depends on beds.
  • Taiga villages are now more common.
  • Removed zombie villages, due to new village changes.


  • How to Play section has now been updated with helpful Village & Pillage knowledge.
  • Updated the scaffolding guide in How to Play slightly, to change the diagram of how much scaffolding can be placed from its support.
Texture Update
  • Added even more new textures to blocks and items, including status effect icons.

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