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July 25, 2017



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of 1.55

1.55 was a version of PlayStation 3 Edition released on July 25, 2017.[1] [edit]


  • Added "Canyon", a free Glide track.
  • Added Biome Settlers 2 skin pack.
  • Added Terracotta and Glazed Terracotta layers to Tumble.


  • Improved performance in Solo Glide when restarting the level (particularly with split-screen spectators).
  • Totem of Undying now also applies Fire Resistance II.


74 issues fixed
  • MCCE-540 – Ninja ghasts
  • MCCE-1746 – Extreme lag when playing split screen PS3, auto save icon constantly displayed, even with auto save disabled.
  • MCCE-2550 – Now taking damage leaving bed
  • MCCE-2594 – Xbox One spitscreen multiplayer armor does not show in player bar.
  • MCCE-2625 – Seemingly eandom server crashes in my base.
  • MCCE-2626 – Removing numerous item frames with Maps in them causes the game to crash.
  • MCCE-2769 – Constant crashing on Wii U
  • MCCE-2907 – Server crash – out of bounds exception?
  • MCCE-3010 – Endportal created next to portal frame
  • MCCE-3112 – Villagers can not throw straight in TU46
  • MCCE-3124 – Villager will not harvest crops after inventory fills up
  • MCCE-3137 – Firework auto-crafting bug
  • MCCE-3206 – Lost all item frames
  • MCCE-3225 – Nether lag
  • MCCE-3294 – Xbox One: Bug when end-gateway-system breaks
  • MCCE-3492 – Upload for Xbox One does not work
  • MCCE-3837 – Extreme hills only spawning chickens
  • MCCE-4103 – Free diver trophy awarded on pause menu
  • MCCE-4292 – Elder guardian animation not working
  • MCCE-4386 – Screen glitches after loading a world and opening a written book
  • MCCE-4610 – Cannot access cloud saves
  • MCCE-4616 – Double-buffer v-sync implementation causing drops to 30fps frequently.
  • MCCE-4630 – Inventory Cursor Lag
  • MCCE-4778 – Named chests, shulkerboxes, hoppers, dispensers, and droppers lose name
  • MCCE-4818 – Glitched UI for chest, shulkerbox, trapped chest
  • MCCE-4848 – Pick block bugs
  • MCCE-4892 – Arrow visuals
  • MCCE-4895 – Opacity is really glitched on Tool Tips.
  • MCCE-4897 – Beds explode when TNT explodes is disabled
  • MCCE-4904 – Elytra take damage in pause menu
  • MCCE-4954 – Mobs cant move with a block above them
  • MCCE-4960 – Brown square overlapping home area on map.
  • MCCE-4977 – Zombie villager death message
  • MCCE-4983 – Observers outputting constant power
  • MCCE-4989 – Texture issue
  • MCCE-5004 – Treasure map bug
  • MCCE-5031 – In Battle, status effects on the top right hud overlap with the chest refilling animation
  • MCCE-5052 – Zombie pigmen wont walk off open trap doors when aggressive.
  • MCCE-5054 – Incorrect bed description
  • MCCE-5062 – Farmers harvest carrots/potatoes infinite without getting full
  • MCCE-5086 – Armor Stand Names not showing
  • MCCE-5142 – Game crash whene you spawn a horse with spawn egg
  • MCCE-5151 – Named items not showing up
  • MCCE-5172 – The spawner in the mansion are broken
  • MCCE-5183 – Player can kill a tamed parrot with PVP disabled
  • MCCE-5188 – When a player dies from a llama, it states that the llama splayed the player using magic
  • MCCE-5189 – Llamas missing "Unable to Enter Love Mode" function
  • MCCE-5200 – Wii U freezes up when playing game
  • MCCE-5208 – Renamed items in item frames don't show their name
  • MCCE-5217 – Can't combine bows using console crafting interface
  • MCCE-5219 – Two types of Bone Block with different pictures.
  • MCCE-5254 – Nether Portals Drop You Outside
  • MCCE-5255 – Map Icons Flash
  • MCCE-5261 – Flower hitbox displaced.
  • MCCE-5274 – Horse/donkey/mule Breeding
  • MCCE-5277 – Rockets give no boost
  • MCCE-5292 – Only regular skeletons spawning in the nether
  • MCCE-5299 – Farmer villagers broken
  • MCCE-5350 – item frames show up on maps and cover everything
  • MCCE-5381 – Lots of crashing when in a jungle biome
  • MCCE-5427 – Repair button is missing.
  • MCCE-5443 – MC console invite only worlds
  • MCCE-5494 – Cannot create a public glide game.
  • Fixed some areas where it was possible to escape from Battle maps or Glide tracks.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to milk a cow in Creative mode.
  • Fixed a bug where players were being teleported back to the Nether portal shortly after arriving in the other dimension.
  • Fixed a bug where broken banners would not stack with crafted banners.
  • Fixed a bug where wheat, ladders and banners were not correctly spawning in woodland mansions.
  • Fixed a bug where monster spawners in woodland mansions were pigs instead of spiders.
  • Fixed a bug where the item frame icon appeared when holding a map.
  • Fixed an incorrect death message when players were killed by zombie villagers.
  • Fix for custom names of mobs not being shown in death messages.
  • Fix for being unable to unlock "Sniper Duel".
  • Fix for being unable to unlock "Camouflage".

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