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Release date

April 19, 2016



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of 1.26

1.26 was a version of PlayStation 3 Edition released on April 19, 2016.[1] [edit]


26 issues fixed
  • MCCE-533 – Recreatable Corrupt World
  • MCCE-589 – hopper minecarts think they are between two different blocks
  • MCCE-755 – Animals cannot pass through doors
  • MCCE-775 – Corrupted Worlds when adding new account on multiplayer split screen
  • MCCE-776 – Grey Stripe
  • MCCE-805 – Minecart with chest will not move onto a powered rail above a hopper
  • MCCE-815 – Sniper Duel achievement broken.
  • MCCE-944 – Mushroom blocks do not show the correct texture when placed
  • MCCE-952 – health bar freezes after absobtion effect ends
  • MCCE-989 – No guardians
  • MCCE-1286 – Two Digits on Xp Bug
  • MCCE-1287 – All Single Worlds Corrupted TU 31
  • MCCE-1417 – Packed ice and seed number
  • MCCE-1937 – Small guardians don't spawn
  • MCCE-1946 – witches and elder guardians not spawning
  • MCCE-1953 – Sprinting seems too sensitive since update
  • MCCE-1957 – No more Guardian spawn after installing 1.25
  • MCCE-1958 – Guardians don't spawn in monument anymore
  • MCCE-1961 – Gardian farm not spawning
  • MCCE-1965 – Auto-sprint bug
  • MCCE-1973 – Sprint Forward then shoot backwards bug
  • MCCE-1975 – Beacon beams don't go through ice, leaves, liquid, or bedrock
  • MCCE-1995 – running is broken
  • Fixed guardians no longer spawning after loading a save.
  • Removed change that restricted changing to third-person camera while running or performing other actions.
  • Removed change that made sprint activation more sensitive.
  • Fixed issue with mushroom block textures.

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