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Plants can be found in water or on land, and include structures and blocks such as flowers, trees and crops. Most are renewable, generally by growing.

The following list plants by their native worlds and locations they can be grown in. The plants are listed in their structure and block/item forms. Any duplicate between block/item forms is omitted unless the appearance is significantly different.

Minecraft plants[]

On dirt and/or sand[]

Most plants can be grown on dirt or sand, sometimes with extra restrictions. They include:

On farmland[]

The following plants are grown exclusively on Farmland and constitute the narrow definition of crops:




End "plants"[]

Nether "plants"[]

While these organisms are depicted as fungi, they do not correspond to any real-life fungi.

Plant mobs[]

Minecraft Dungeons plants[]

Some of these blocks are depicted as fungi and plants or have the name of real-life organisms, however these do not correspond to any real-life plants or other organisms.




Minecraft Earth plant mobs[]

See also[]


  • Some plants can generate in underground dirt patches.


  1. Coral is technically a kind of animal. More specifically, a coral block is the exoskeletons of countless coral bugs. In Minecraft this doesn't matter -- except for the fact that the block can die.
  2. Technically not a plant, but a brown algae.
  3. Technically sponge is an animal, arguably the most basic type of animal life.
  4. Mushrooms are technically fungi, not plants. Among other things, they don't produce nutrients from sunlight, but rely on decomposing what's in the soil: for Minecraft that would be the bone meal.
  5. Sea Pickles are technically animals.
  6. This is a fungus. Fungi are technically not plants. See "Mushroom" note.
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