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For the official "beacon" block in Minecraft, see Beacon.

Beacons, Pillars (or Noob Towers) are 1x1 pillars of Blocks, stacked on top of one another, stretching directly upward.



A Picture of a "Noob Tower".

Pillars such as these do not generate naturally within a Minecraft world, they must be constructed by a Player.

A player can easily create a pillar by collecting several blocks (any block) and repeating these steps:

  • Jump
  • Place a block under one's feet, while in mid-air
  • Repeat

These pillars often are very high, usually built upward until a player runs out of blocks. Dirt blocks are most commonly used, as they are one of the most plentiful resources that a new player will have in their inventory in the early stages if the game. Pillars may often stretch out of render distance, due to their extreme height. Sometimes a Torch is placed on top of pillar to help players find their home base easier at Night.

Origins of the name

The reason players refer to 1x1 upward pillars as "Beacons" is possibly to mock the way "Noobs" (new players to a game) try to escape hostile Mobs. Upon seeing hostile mobs for the first time, a new player will often run to the safety of a pillar.