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Pillagers patrolling nearby village
Health Points: 24HP (12x Heart)
Attack Strength: Ranged

Easy: 4HP (2x Heart)

Normal: 4HP (2x Heart)

Hard: 5HP (2.5x Heart)

Melee Normal: 6HP (3x Heart)

Drops: Crossbow (0-1)

Emerald (0-1) (Java Edition) Arrow (0-2) (Bedrock Edition)

First Appearance: 18w43a
Experience Points: 5
Technical Name minecraft:pillager


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This article is about Pillager. For other pillager-related topics, see Pillager (Disambiguation).

Pillagers are hostile mobs that will be added in the Minecraft Java 1.14 and Bedrock Edition 1.8 holiday update. Like Illagers, they will invade villages and will kill villagers alongside a new illager called the illager beast. They will be accompanied by other illagers (Evoker, Vindicator, Illusioner) up to a group of five. Unlike zombies and their variants, they will attack villagers from 100 blocks away.

Illager Patrols

During the night, illager patrols will spawn. These patrols will include groups of pillagers and Vindicators. The patrol's leader sits on the illager beast, and has a unique banner on it's head. The leader will wander around aimlessly followed by the rest of the patrol (similar to llamas). Once these patrols encounter a Village, they will raid it, and kill all of the Villagers.

Patrol Leader

If you kill an Illager Patrol Leader (the one with the banner on its head) in survival, you will be inflicted with the Bad Omen status effect.


Raids could happen if a player walks into a village under the influence of the Bad Omen effect. This will be a boss battle, like the wither and the Ender Dragon

During a raid, no player (only those affected by the Bad Omen) will be able to trade with other villagers. Instead, blue particles will emit as if they are sweating. The mobs can consist of any illager (with the exception of Illusioners) , including the beast and a witch.[1]


  • They are the first mob to wield the crossbow weapon.
  • In super flat worlds, pillager groups will spawn at random, more frequent when near villages.



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