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This feature is exclusive to Java Edition. 

pack_format, sometimes referred to as pack_version, is a version number used to group Java Edition versions with compatible assets. This number is used in:


This number is used to declare the format of a resource pack in pack.mcmeta. Below is a list of all valid formats with corresponding Java Edition versions.

Resource pack formats
Value Versions Releases Breaking Changes
1 13w24a[verify]1.8.9 First implementation of the resource pack system. See Java Edition 1.6.1/Resource pack changes for the list of file names changed.
2 15w31a1.10.2 Changes in the model system, such as item tags, multipart, and changes to display tags.
3 16w32a17w47a Now requires lowercase file names for all files in the resource pack.
4 17w48a19w46b Most of the block and item textures have been renamed. See Java Edition 1.13/Resource pack changes for the list of file names changed.
The resource pack folder textures/blocks got renamed to textures/block.
The resource pack folder textures/items got renamed to textures/item.
5 1.15-pre11.16.2-pre3 Changed texture mappings with all chests, banner and shield patterns now use alpha channels. The ender dragon no longer has a separate texture for the bottom of its wing. The glint texture for enchanted items now appears like it does in-game. The game now supports conversion with some of version 4 resource packs' outdated textures to the newer ones.
Increased the size limit for the client-side downloading of resource packs from 50 MB to 100 MB.
6 1.16.2-rc11.16.5 Fixed MC-197275 — Due to changes to walls, pack_format: 5 is no longer cross-compatible between 1.15 and 1.16.
7 20w45a21w38a Drowned texture mirroring has changed, Grass path has been renamed to dirt path.
Slots for the game mode selector are now 26 pixels instead of 25.
8 21w39a1.18.2 inventory.png now contains an extra sprite for a thin-layout version of the effect list in the inventory.
9 22w11a1.19.2 Resource pack can have a filter section in pack.mcmeta now.
11 22w42a22w44a Removed "fixers" for resource packs with a pack_format value of 3 and 4 (pre-flattening);
the game will no longer try to adapt packs with those values to the current version.
12 22w45a23w07a 1.19.3 The model and textures of the vex have been updated. tabs.png is now skinnier by 2 pixels, with the 7th tab being added to it. Resource packs can have configuration files now, located in the new atlases directory, that control which images are included in the atlases. Block and item textures are now loaded before they are processed by block and item models.
13 1.19.4-pre123w13a 1.19.4 The enchantment glint now has two separate texture files: enchanted_glint_entity.png and enchanted_glint_item.png.
The former smithing table GUI texture has been renamed to legacy_smithing.png in preparations for Java Edition 1.20, where the new smithing GUI texture is named as smithing.png instead, superseding the previous, similarly-named texture.
14 23w14a23w16a Updated the sprite layout of minecraft.png and invite_icon.png.
15 23w17a1.20.1 legacy_unicode glyph provider has been removed. Bitmaps used by uniform font have been removed.

uniform font has been updated to use Unifont 15.0.01, where it changes shape of multiple characters, while also adding support for new ones, and combining characters no longer include circle overlayed over them. Added second level of organization of entries in credits.json on top of titles, called disciplines.
16 23w31a
17 23w32a1.20.2-pre1
18 1.20.2-pre2-23w41a 1.20.2
19 23w42a New blocks
20 23w43a-23w44a New blocks in the copper and tuff families.
21 23w45a-23w46a New textures related to trial chambers.
22 1.20.3-pre1-23w51b 1.20.3-1.20.4 Renamed minecraft:grass block and item to minecraft:short_grass. New model, animation and textures for bats.
24 24w03a-24w04a Texture of the wolf collar updated.
25 24w05a-24w05b New vault block and related textures updated.
26 24w06a-24w07 Addition of wind charge and modification of the texture of vaults.
28 24w09a-24w10a Modifications of the vault texture.
29 24w11a Addition of mace, breeze rod, heavy core, new armor trims, new banner paterns, new pottery sherds.
30 24w12a
31 24w13a-1.20.5-pre3 Addition of new blocks and items + icons.png was split into individual files.
32 1.20.5-pre4- 1.20.5-
34 1.21 1.21-


This number is used to declare the format of a data pack in pack.mcmeta. Below is a list of all valid formats with corresponding Java Edition versions.

Data pack formats
Value Versions Releases Breaking Changes
4 17w48a19w46b Added the initial pack format version of 4.
5 1.15-pre11.16.2-pre3
6 1.16.2-rc11.16.5
7 20w46a1.17.1 The /replaceitem command was replaced with /item. Rolls, set_damage, and possibly other parameters in loot tables now require a valid type field when using min-max for numbers. score conditions' entity parameter was replaced with target.
8 21w37a22w07a Loot tables now require a type field. Removed length limits for scoreboards, score holders and team names. The lava_pool_stone_replaceables block tag was renamed to lava_pool_stone_cannot_replace.
9 1.18.2-pre11.18.2 1.18.2 The /locate command now takes a configured structure as its first parameter rather than a structure type, so many grouped structures now require you to locate a structure type tag. E.g. /locate villager is now /locate #village.
10 22w11a1.19.3 Data pack can have a filter section in pack.mcmeta now. Renamed the feature field in location predicates to structure. In 22w19a, /locatebiome was merged with /locate and the syntax for /locate was changed, but the pack format was not updated.
11 23w03a23w05a only_allows_snow_and_gold_rabbits biome tag was renamed to spawns_gold_rabbits. Out-of-bound arguments in translate formats are no longer silently ignored.
12 23w06a1.19.4 1.19.4 is_projectile, is_explosion, bypasses_armor, bypasses_invulnerability, bypasses_magic, is_fire, is_magic and is_lightning fields were removed from damage type predicates in favour of a tags field which is a list of damage type tags which the damage type belongs to.
13 23w12a23w14a NBT paths for lines of text, GlowingText, and Color on the front of signs are now at front_text.messages[<index>], front_text.has_glowing_text, and front_text.color, respectively. The relevant tags for the backs of signs are in back_text
14 23w16a23w17a item_display items have been rotated 180 degrees around Y axis to better match transformation applied when rendering items on armor stand head and in item frames.
15 23w18a1.20.1 All fields in placed_block, item_used_on_block, and allay_drop_item_on_block advancement triggers have been collapsed to a single location field. alternative predicate and loot table conditions were renamed to any_of.
16 23w31a entity_roar and entity_shake game events have been removed and replaced with the entity_action game event. Renamed belowName value in display slot argument in scoreboard command to below_name
17 23w32a23w35a Changed mob effect storage on items, entities and block entities. Effects now use resource locations in NBT instead of numeric ids and many tag names relating to effects have been renamed to use snake_case.
18 1.20.2-pre1 1.20.2 Removed /execute if function and /return run functionality (with promise to reintroduce after 1.20.2). Numerical data types are written in macros without their suffixes. Very large and very small float and double values are no longer written in standard scientific notation; they are written as their decimal expansion up to 15 decimal places, so some small values are rounded to zero.
48 1.21- 1.21
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